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AAU ALL STAR GAMES Saturday, Aug. 9th

at Harrisburg Christian School Athletic Center
Boys Games from Grades 4-11
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PaHOOPS presents: Sept 28 and Oct 19
Big 60 Basketball Shootouts
  the only live streaming shootouts in the nation!!

Vlad Stolcoviciu (left), former Romania national player was one of the key recruits at the Big 60- over 200 men's coaches and over 200 women's coaches watched- that's over 400 total college coaches for one event-no other event can say this!!!

The June 1st Shootout Scouting Reports

June 1 Recap and photos
2-The Prystal Scouting Report- Boy's
   The Prystal Scouting Report- Girl's
3-The East Coast Index - Boy's
   The East Coast Index-  Girl's
4-Coaches Notebook- Boys and Girls
YOUTUBE videos and team rosters

Montrel Morgan (left), New Hope --61  D-1 coaches were part of the 250 who watched- these live streaming shootouts are the only ones that D-1 coaches can watch with  D-2 and D-3 as well-be a part of the action!
The April 6th Shootout Scouting Reports

1-The Prystal Scouting Report- boys
The Prystal Scouting Report- girls
2-The East Coast Index -boys
The East Coast Index- girls
3-Coaches Notebook- boys and girls


Think  Premier College Basketball Exposure Event   
Remember, we televise your games and live stream them across the internet, college coaches across the country can see you,  and our broadcast team is the best in the business-our lead play by play man is Dave Burman (from Lewistown Sports Radio, "the roving ambassador of Pennsylvania basketball.") and our color men:  -Joe Landolfi (from Altoona in District 6 helped lead Bishop Guilfoyle to the 1967 State Championship and then played at the University of Massachussets with "Dr J" and Jim Herzing (from Ridgway H S in District 9 has 40 years of coaching experience and is recognized as one the great defensive teachers of the game).   --The Broadcast Schedule


Do you want a copy of the list of coaches who watched your games at the Big 60?-- they can be purchased by contacting


JULY is Allentown Basketball Month
July 9-13 Steller Tournament
1-Steller Friday
2-Steller Saturday

July 17-20 Sportsfest Tournament
1-Sportsfest Photos
Sportsfest wrap up

"A-Town Throwdown"  at the Lehigh Valley Sports Fest  at Cedar Beach -July 17th  -20th
From our archives, past results:
2009 sportsfest   2012 sportsfest
2014 Preview, Sportsfest

Steller  "Rising Star"Basketball Tournament

 2014  is history
From our archives, past results: 2010 Steller
        2007 Steller
Opening Action 2014, Morning Call coverage
Saturday's Action 2014, Morning Call coverage

(Photo left, HOOPS representatives at the Steller Gala- Bill Gaffey and Dave Unser)

"Always Instruction First"
Basketball Camp

July 27-31, 2014
at Alvernia University
 Reading, PA

See the Camp Photos

Next Big 60 Shootouts Sept 28 and Oct 19

Chris "Handles" Franklin,
the star of the Harlem Globetrotters  served as one of the color commentators on the "live streaming" television network at the June 1 Big 60. He is shown here at the Shootout with two young players from Silver Oak Academy in Maryland.

Our Partnership with Colleges and Universities HERE- just an additional method of providing exposure

Free Basketball Materials
an archive of basketball materials collected from a number of sources can be downloaded free on the Swarm Exnterprises website.   it currently contains 800 pdf files.