Big 60 Showcases
at Spooky Nook Sports
Manheim, PA 17545

Bill Gaffey,    -717-545-0872

Mike Gaffey,   - 717-903-0732

The Oct 16  Big 60  is now history

Prystal Scouting Report: Boys
Prystal Scouting Report: Girls

East Coast Index Report: Boys
East Coast Index Report: Girls

YOUtube videos from Oct 16

Court Two: Game MVPs October 16
Court One:  Game MVPs October 16

Girl's Roster-------- Girl's Teams and Schedule
Boy's Roster -- Boy's Teams and Schedule
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Showcase HOTELS

Nov 6- Sign up now APPLICATION

A college coach said, "Enjoyed the showcase.  Probably had the highest percentage of recruitable college players out of attendees of any event I went to or watched this summer!  Per our phone call I was looking for contact info on the following players:"  (the coach listed 12 players). 

A  parent said, " I am so grateful to all of you for the exposure your Big 60 Showcase has brought to my son   He is currently being recruited by 20+ colleges.  He will also attend both the October and November Big 60"  (Player resume attached),
After her shootout, Allison Warren of Pottsville BVM Nativity said,   "Five college coaches contacted me after the showcase!"

6/18/16,  "I'm so grateful for your organization hosting this event.
Thank you very much
R. S.
"Coach,  Hannah's  has  other coaches now pursuing her.   Good to see her getting some recognition."

Now accepting
Early registration deadline now extended to Oct 20
when all spots filled
Nov 6, 2016-"Cream of the Crop" Showcase
 now open  boys and girls divisions

-1-We "live stream" all three games
Note-No other event will do all three
2-All three games posted on

Note-No other event places your games for  free on YOUtube!-We do!
3-We  post scouting Reports  
Note-Players who are named are invited for the Nov 6 "Cream of the Crop"
4-College coaches watching list posted
Note-We hold the record for college coaches watching!
5-Our enrollments are limited.
Note-We place 10 players on a team, everyone gets equal playing time.|

August 14, 2016
-453 men's coaches watched
-229 women's coaches watched
June 19, 2016
-402 men's coaches watched
-249 women's coaches watched
May 15, 2015    RECORD
-589 men's coaches watched
-527 women's coaches watched

BOY'S LIST              GIRL'S LIST
589 men's coaches    527 women's coaches

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