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8:30 am to 4:30 pm

TWO FALL COLLEGE EXPOSURE SHOWCASES   "now accepting applications -- October 16 and/or November 6 "




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The Landolfi Report for District 5 and 6
by Joe Landolfi,  Mr Basketball for Central Pennsylvania

We recommend the Prystal Plan to get the maximum exposure to the colleges you are interested in

Induction of 1967 Bishop Guilfoyle Team
into the Blair County Hall of Fame
 (April 2014, Altoona PA)

St. Marys Coterie

Delaware Leaderboard

All Carmel Reunion  2008 

1-We "live stream" all three games
Note-No other event will do all three
2-All three games posted on

Note-No other event places your games for  free on YOUtube!-We do!
3-We  post scouting Reports  
Note-Players who are named are invited for the Nov 6 "Cream of the Crop"
4-College coaches watching list posted
Note-We hold the record for college coaches watching!
5-Our enrollments are limited.
Note-We place 10 players on a team, everyone gets equal playing time.|

6/18/16,  "I'm so grateful for your organization hosting this event.
Thank you very much
R. S.
"Coach,  Hannah's  has  other coaches now pursuing her.   Good to see her getting some recognition."

August 14, 2016
-453 men's coaches watched
-229 women's coaches watched

June 19, 2016
-402 men's coaches watched
-249 women's coaches watched

May 15, 2015    RECORD
-589 men's coaches watched
-527 women's coaches watched

Need proof?  We are proud to post the lists from our record May 15 Big 60 Showcase; the lists show the date and time that the coaches signed in to watch
BOY'S LIST              GIRL'S LIST
589 men's coaches    527 women's coaches

A college coach said, "Enjoyed the showcase.  Probably had the highest percentage of recruitable college players out of attendees of any event I went to or watched this summer!  Per our phone call I was looking for contact info on the following players:"  (the coach listed 12 players). 

A  parent said, " I am so grateful to all of you for the exposure your Big 60 Showcase has brought to my son   He is currently being recruited by 20+ colleges.  He will also attend both the October and November Big 60"  (Player resume attached),
After her shootout, Allison Warren of Pottsville BVM Nativity said,   "Five college coaches contacted me after the showcase!"

We invite 1,115 coaches
to watch each event- 

1,115 schools need players

  How many have seen you?


 1,115 schools need players-How many have seen you?
Division I Schools -347
Division II Schools - 317
Division III Schools -451
"better than NCAA certified"

 NCAA certified means coaches can go, it does not mean they will go-, coaches still have to actually travel there and attend the event- with our "live streaming" they watch in their office on their laptop-that's why we get more college coaches watching than other events and more players get contacted!!

  "now taking applications for October "

Who has attended our events over the years?   SHOOTOUT ALUMNI

Big 60 Showcases
at Spooky Nook Sports
Manheim, PA 17545

Showcase HOTELS

October 16,  Boy’s College Spotlight 100  III  

October 16,  Girl’s  Elite Spotlight III

Nov 6, 2016-"Cream of the Crop" Showcase boys and girls divisions

Players will play in three games in each one day event.   
THREE games are live streamed nationwide  
THREE games are placed on YOUtube

Prystal Scouting Page


More reasons you get the most exposure at Big 60 events 
The play by play announcers
 pick a Game MVP from each game- the MVP is then interviewed after the game
 post-game live interview

Two August Showcase
game MVP's 
#94 Michael Esquilin (Whitehall PA), 5'11
#160 John Bol Ajak (Church Farm
School PA), 6'11


Players who are named to the Prystal Report and/or the East Coast Index are invited back for the November 6th "Cream of the Crop" Showcase - this event will be held at Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, PA.   
October is next!

1-The Showcase can help seniors, if Junior College is your option
2-If you are a junior college player who wants to transfer this is your best opportunity to be seen across the country. 
Junior College information page.


Showcase HOTELS

"Player of the Game"  
is interviewed
after each game

Sportsfest Results

Smallwood Results

Steller Results

Basketball book
An Unbreakable Bond,
the brotherhood of
Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman-




They represented Pennsylvania in the All-Star series-- now they head off to Final Four territory!!



Dylan Painter



Attention high school seniors 
April 8 and 9, 2016

All-Star Games
Friday April 8 Games and Rosters-
-6:00, 7:15, 8:30
Saturday April 9 Games and Rosters-
-2:15, 3:30, 4:45, 6:00, 7:15, 8:30

All-Star Results-Friday 4/8/16  HERE

All-Star Results-Sat 5/9/16  HERE
History  of the Pennsylvania vs Maryland Series, 1992-2005



Kyla Irwin
State College




NCAA Men's
Tournament, 2016

"the cat's meow"
NCAA Women's Tournament
"ready to reload"
2016 State Playoffs Coverage
Past Champions
Brackets History
PIAA brackets this year  4A - 3A - 2A - 1A
 The PIAA Website


Pa Md   Basketball Camp
 July 24-28, 2016

District 3 Ad for 2016 program

Reports on Performances -the Trib Live quotes pahoops

for college partnerships details

Pittsburgh-  http://old.post-gazette.com/highschoolsports/stats/team_lookup.asp?teamtypeid=3&seasonid=17