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Announcing the Delaware All State Boy's Basketball Team for 2018, Curtis Watkins

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Top 100 Elite College Showcase by The Big 60
March 24, 2019 Application

District 7: Post Gazette

Ron Faust,  Washington HS boys basketball coach from 1981 until 2009, when he retired from teaching and coaching: came back in  2014-15 season-Friday defeated Beth-Center, 56-40 for win #600 putting his all-time record at 600-226.

District 3: Adams, York, Fulton Counties http://www.gametimepa.com/

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District 3 - Lancaster Lebanon League  http://www.llhoops.com/  by Dell Jackson

District 3- Mike Fry retired after coaching for 55 years.   An injury forced referee Steve Cover to the sidelines after 46 years.

District 11 Basketball: Morning Call

Central PA Scores: Carlisle Sentinel the best https://cumberlink.com/sports/high-school/

Boy's November 4 Results-Big 60 Girl's November 4 Results-Big 60

Thomas Xing (Nazareth PA)
and his mother
were in Shanghai China on Friday and
at the Shootout on Sunday


#56 Alanis Diaz
 (Tappen Zee NY)

and her parents

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A record number of women's college coaches signed in to watch the November 6, 2016 Big 60 "Cream of the Crop" College Exposure Basketball Showcase.  634 women's college basketball coaches were watching.  The previous record was 527 set on May 15, 2015.
This list is always posted at the Showcase.


The May 17, 2015 Showcase made the
Guinness Book of World Records
 the response
 by college basketball coaches was over whelming- 1,105 total college coaches watched

click here for the list
Division II Schools585 MEN'S COLLEGE COACHES
click here for the list
Pick the schools you are interested in  attending

 a lot of players google the email addresses of coaches at colleges they are interested in and tell the coach they are interested in their college, then they email them with their jersey number and the times for their 3 games-inviting them to watch-reminding them that the live streaming comes free to them- also tell them that the week after event that the games are posted on YOUTUBE

find your
            schools here

Division I Schools -347
Division II Schools - 317
Division III Schools -451

"better than NCAA certified"-
 NCAA certified means coaches can go, it does not mean they will go-, coaches still have to actually travel there and attend the event- with our "live streaming" they watch in their office on their laptop-that's why the Big 60 events get more college coaches watching than other events and more players get contacted

The Friday Nite PIzza Tournament
 a 3 on 3 basketball event starting its  46th year.

 Now posting winners for 2018 beginning on June 1

We have a summary of winners for 2017
Send a 3 man team
it's free and it's fun

Memorial Park
 St. Mary, PA  15857

PHOTO: the winners in the first tournament for 2018




1956 League Playoff Game

One player shoots 21 foul shots, only makes 10,
 three players foul out guarding him, his team wins
I was there and witnessed the game; I was the player who missed 11 foul shots!!
12/6/14, Pittsburgh Post Gazette Romano Sebastiani, Greensburg Central Catholic was 26 of 33 from the line.  See Foul Shooting records at http://www.pahoops.org/foul%20shooting


Bill Gaffey, Editor

Photo left,  Joel Mertel
Photo right, Bill Gaffey


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