Class 2011

Height:   5'9"
Weight: 145




Position- Guard

Academic:  GPA- 3.85 Favorite college team:   UNC

Favorite NBA player:   Jason Kidd


At the Pennsylvania/Maryland Basketball Camp at Alvernia College in 2008
Coach Eddie Albert said: 
"Austin is a very  good perimeters shooter!"

  Coach Albert
Favorite food:  Chinese

Prystal Scouting Report from 2007 Camp

-Tonight, it was the "night of guards" in both the NCAA & NIT divisions. Top point guard in the NCAA division Austin Lawrence made several penetrating moves to the basket which resulted in scores by him or dish offs to his teammates for baskets. Austin also poped in 5 3pointers. Playing on the other team against Austin was slick & smooth moving Kasim McCleod, who also pumped in 4 3 pointers along with several scoring power drives to the hoop. Tray Blanding teamed up with Lawrence in duo manuevers that overpowered their opposition.

ELCO,  H. S.

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