On court supervisors
Court # 1, Mike Gaffey    Court #2  Scott Gaffey






Teams   1-9  girls


Teams  11-17   boys


Spooky Nook,  Nov 4, 2018

           Court 1                                                          Court 2
8:30-    2-9    Landolfi/DeWeese          12-17  Burman/Pat Gaffey

 9::07   3-8    Landolfi/DeWeese          13-16  Burman/Pat Gaffey…

9:44     4-7    Landolfi/DeWeese           14-15  Burman/Pat Gaffey…

10:21-  5-6    Landolfi/DeWeese           11-12  Burman/falcone

10:58-  1-2    Landolfi/DeWeese           14-17  Burman/falcone…

11:35-    4-9    Landolfi/DeWeese         15-16  Burman/falcone

12:12-    5-8…Thompson/Gahr…     .  .11-13  Burman/falcone

12:49-    6-7      Thompson/Gahr…         14-12 Pat Gaffey/Kyle

1:26-     1-3…Thompson/Gahr………16-17   Pat Gaffey/Kyle

2:03-      4-2…Thompson/Gahr………11-14  Pat Gaffey/Kyle

2:40-      6-9…Thompson/Gahr……  .15-13  Pat Gaffey/Kyle

3:17-      1-4     Thompson/Gahr…        5-3     Pat Gaffey/Kyle

3:54        7-8    Thompson/Gahr…



                         Our talented Broadcast Staff

Dave Burman (Chester  PA), the DEAN of Pennsylvania sports casters conducts a pot game interview for the nationwide audience.

Pat Gaffey (Allentown PA) Played at Penn State Harrisburg University and works for Penn Foster Education in Scranton now.   Remember, each game has team MVP selections.

Coach Dave Thompson (coached at Mechanicsburg and Susquenita) interviews co-MVP's. There are a lot of good players and its tough to pick an MVP.

Coach Pat Gahr (coached at Clearfied and Cedar Cliff) conducts the interview.  We also try to photograph each MVP interview.

Coach Mike Gaffey (Palmyra PA) is currently the head coach at Bishop McDevitt H S in Harrisburg and he directs the on count activities at the shootout.

Coach Alvin "Big Al" Kyle (Steelton PA)currently the Assistant Coach at Central Penn College.  Has coached previously at Pine Grove, Northern, and Bishop McDevitt.

Coach Joe Landolfi (Altoona PA)  played his college basketball at the University of Massachusetts with teammates Julius "Dr J" Erving and Rick Pitino

Coach Heather DeWeese (Manchester Valley H S, Manchester MD))   She also coaches with Central Maryland AttitudeAnd, she will be on the ballot on Tuesday running for Clerk of the Circuit Court in her county.



No team #10