August  15 Coaching Schedule

                        Court 1                             Court 3

8:30               soto/kyle                                       achille sr/hazel
9:06               soto/zimmerman                          achille sr/risser
9:42               kyle/ zimmerman                          hazel/risser
10:18             kyle/soto                                        hazel/achille sr
10:54             zimmerman /soto                          risser/achille sr
11:30             zimmerman /kyle                          risser/hazel
12:06             soto/kyle                                        achille sr/hazel
12:42             soto/ zimmerman                           achille sr/risser
1:18               kyle/ zimmerman                             hazel/risser
1:54               kyle/soto                                         hazel/achille sr
2:30               zimmerman /soto                           risser/achille sr
3:06               zimmerman /kyle                            risser/hazel
3:42               soto/zimmerman                             achille sr/hazel
4:18               TBA/kyle                                         TBA/risser

Boys Team 6 plays 4 Games! Any player named to the East Coast Index Report or the Prystal Scouting All Star lists will be invited to register for the Oct. 31st “Cream of the Crop” event! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @Pa_Big60