Announcers Schedule


Court 1                                  Court 3

8:30               burman/sherwood                           pat gaffey/gahr

9:06               burman/owens                                 fischer/gahr

9:42               sherwood/owens                            fischer/pat gaffey

10:18             sherwood/  JUAN                            gahr/pat gaffey

10:54             owens/burman                               gahr/fischer

11:30             owens/Sherwood                            pat gaffey/fischer

12:06             burman/Sherwood                          pat gaffey/JUAN

12:42             burman/owens                                fischer/gahr

1:18               sherwood/owens                             fischer/pat gaffey

1:54                 sherwod/burman                          gahr/pat gaffey

2:30                 owens/burman                              gahr/fischer

3:06               owens/Sherwood                           pat gaffey/fischer

3:42               burman/Sherwood                        pat gaffey/gahr

4:18               burman/owens                               fischer/gahr

                                                                                                              Every announcer does 9 games except JUAN who does 2

Boys Team 6 plays 4 Games!

Girls Gray Team Plays 4 Games!


Any player named to the East Coast Index Report or the Prystal Scouting All Star lists will be invited to register for the Oct. 31st “Cream of the Crop” event!