These are some sniplets of the overall list of coaches who signed in to watch on May 17, 2015
to watch the boys Big 60 Showcase. 
The list shows the college coach log in with the @ giving the college name with the edu.  Then you have the date (May 17, 2015) and the actual time of the log in.
 We did not copy the entire list, but it gives you an idea of how extensive the interest of college coaches was for our event.   The lists show the actual time the coach signed in.   Notice that the list was only copied  from the early signees at 8:39 am.  Remember, the first game started at 8:35 am and all of the boys teams had played two games each by 12:04 when we show the last coach login. The girl's games started later, and the girl's coaches tuned in later.