Boys East Coast Index Report March 24th


The Boys event at Lancaster Bible College on the 24th featured

 a fast pace with some creative dunks and some masterful three point shooting. Aquele Adderly out of Allentown Allen was dominant getting to the rim and Solo Bambara from Cardinal O'Hara was dynamic scoring the ball. Jack Spellman out of Westfield, NJ provided a post presence with step out versatility. Hee are the Top 25 for the event:


Jack Spellman – Westfield, NJ…plays pick and pop, can also finish on blocks consistently
Danny Hanson – Salesianum, DE…dunks off the dish, shoots it from range
Asher Kemble – ELCO…long athletic shooter, finishes at rim
Jalen Jackson – C. Milton Wright, MD…shoots it, dynamic finisher in open court
Tyler Reiff – Garden Spot…great finisher in open court and in the half court, stat stuffer
Devante Davis – Red Lion…great in open court, long and athletic finisher, handles well
Ryan Holland – Monroe Woodbury, NJ…long rangy finisher, next level skill set
Tyler Morell – Maritime Academy Charter…great three point shooter, plays the right way
David Jordan – Abington Friends…has a step back move, also bangs the three
Tyler Metz – Mifflin County…very skilled getting to the rim, runs the floor well in transition
Nick Ehko – Greencastle…makes plays, great at getting to the rim
Joel Maldonado – American Christian, NJ…athletic finisher who dunks, nice pull up game
Christopher Cespedes = Honesdale…nice passer and dunker in open court, good transition guy
Matthew Ward – Big Spring…finishes well, hits the open three
Matt Dush – Ridgway…nice next level skill set, knows how to finish at the rim
Tarajae Davis – Bishop McDevitt…very quick hands, great finisher at the rim
Ahmad Rauf – South Lakes, VA…long rangy and athletic, gets to rim and finishes
Solo Bambara – Cardinal O’Hara…gets to rim, great range on three point shot, scorer
Nathan Pettus Jr. – Hil Freedom World Academy…nice combo guard, gets to rim, three point range
Jayden Blakey- Pottsgrove…shoots it well, passes well, gets to rim well
Aquele Adderley – Allentown Allen…athletic and strong, unstoppable off the bounce
John Rose – Scranton…shoots threes well and finishes in open court
Jasir Shaw – Chichester…finishes, shoots threes, skilled off dribble
Eric Castillo – Arlington, NY…nice offensive skill set, stat stuffer
Bryce Harman – Governor Mifflin…shoots 3’s , very skilled getting to the rim
Dominic Blair-Jones- Bishop McDevitt…good in open court, nice athleticism
Ayden Keller – Mifflin County…nice skill set inside and out with size


at Lancaster Bible College
901 Eden Road
Lancaster, PA


55 Jayden Blakey – Pottsgrove 2019

85 Davante’ Dennis – Red Lion


65 Jalen Jackson – Milton Wright MD 2019

72 Nick Ehko – Greencastle 2019

54 Aquele Adderley – Allentown Allen 2020

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