by Jason Hartman--

The Carbondale Area could claim 5 State titles...Fell Township in 1946  (later merged into Carbondale Area)...St. Rose of Carbondale (PCIAA) in 1955 and 1963. Carbondale Area's Girls in 1977 and Carbonale Area's Boys in 1993. The Carbondale boys followed up their 30-0 State title team with a 29-1 Runner Up team in 1994.  This 59 Game win streak is a PIAA Record (Allentown of course had 61 but
PIAA disputes those)
The Carbondale Area Girls were undefeated in 1977 winning the AA state title at 31-0.  They would go on to win 54 straight (going 23-2 in 78) which was then a PIAA  record (later broken) Coach Mary Ann Egnatovich coached from 1970-1986 with 9 Straight league Titles,4 District 2 Titles, and numerous state berths ending her career at 289-77.
Carbondale has direct links to at 3 more...Elk Lake in 1969 and 1977 coached by Fell Township native Mike Wallace and Bishop Hannan's 2002 team had a Carbondale resident as a started (Danny Liuzzo). Carbondale Area coincidentally was one of 3 teams to beat Hannan that season.
32 year Scranton Central coach C.J. Robson was also a Carbondale native. 8 of the Scranton Area's 18 state champions have links to Carbondale. With Carbondale, Fell Township, Carbondale Area Boys & Girls (Today's Carbondale Area school district) combine for at least 37 League Titles, 9 District 2, 8 Final 4 appearances, and 3 State titles.

The Carbondale Area Chargers Boys Basketball team this year played their
1000th game since Carbondale High joined Fell Township High in 1970 bringing
their all time total to 616-392 or 61% winning percentage.

On another Carbondale related note..St. Rose/Sacred Heart's girls team had 2
seperate 200 plus loss streaks. I am currently researching the basketball
history of the Carbondale Area which inludes pro and semi pro teams as well
as the local scholastic teams. I will be happy to give you this info as well
as fill any gaps in your info from the Scranton Area...including state
championship team details, etc.