The June 1st Big 60 Shootout- these are  from notes by the coaches from the day's games

the coaches

POST PLAY.  Pete Newell wrote a book entitled "Basketball Post Play," he coached for 15 years at the University of San Francisco, Michigan State University and the University of California, Berkeley.  In the book, he stresses the importance of your players mastering the skills to operate close to the basket, and therefore controlling the game. Remember, every player should be prepared to play both offense and defense in this area!   One of our coaches on June 1, Alvin Kyle played in the post in both high school and college and these were his picks for  players making a difference in the post, remembering its the movement and position, not just the height.

#27, Ashley Dean, Susquehanna Twp.
#31, Allison Warren,   Nativity BVM
#53, Ty’Relle White,  McConnellsburg
#77,  Megan Yannutz,   Solanco

#85, Marcus Hall,  Northeastern
#112, Isaiah White,  Centennial (MD)
#124, Sukhmil Mathon,  Dallas
#131, Myren Jenkins,  Woodlawn (MD)
#141,  Jordan Burton, Victoria Park, Canada

#203, Ryan Michael Hege, James Buchanan
#204, Allen Fell,   Dallas


Coach Alvin Kyle

PASSING.  Basketball is a team sport.  Success is created by teamwork, and passing is the key element.  Passing is an art.  Some can pass, but don't.  The ability to pass and the willingness to pass creates the teamwork, and builds the success of a program.  Remember, on the court at any one time, there are 10 players, but only one ball!  The following are players who impressed one of our coaches, Pharoah Vaughn, himself a player with the ability and willingness to pass the ball

#2 Alize Felton,  William Penn (DE)
#3, Christina Ribaudo,  Toms River (NJ)
#4, Mikayla Lynn Cheney,  Conestoga Valley
#33, Delphine Adams, Eastern Commerce, Canada

#36, Cordell Lord,   North Penn
#49,  Jiaire Rogers,  Octorara

#91, Jack Packer, Mifflin County
#108, Taroja’e Brake,  Octorara
#116, Chance Thompson, Red Lion Christian

#124, Sukhmil Mathon,  Dallas
#130, Anthony Wright,  Steel-High
142,, Makeem Lateef, Academy Park

The Steal.  Making a stop on defense is very important, but "one plus one makes two."  When a player not only makes a stop, but makes a steal it often leads to a basket. One of our coaches, Wayne Walters has traveled across the United States giving clinics on the "Swarm Defense."  The "Swarm" is designed to make stops that lead to scores.  The following players impressed him with their ability to make it happen:

#4, Mikayla Lynn Cheney,  Conestoga Valley
#55, Jake Milligan,  Carlisle
#57, Noah Kandt,   Southern Lehigh
#63, Tewodos Pickney, Piscataway (NJ)
#70, Will Sandherr,  North Allegheny
#83, Jayden Iturmendi-Roach,  York William Penn
#87, KeiJuan Major,   Indian River (DE)
#100, Reynaldo Germosen,   Scranton HS
#102, Vlad Stolcoviciu,  Cairo American College, Egypt
#108, Taroja’e Brake,  Octorara
#119, Donte Grim,   York Vo-Tech




Coach Phay Vaughn





Coach Wayne Walters

DEEEEfense!!  At any one time on the court, half of the players are on defense.  Their ability to stop the other team by remembering that defense is a team concept-being aware of the entire court,  guarding your player, providing  help on the ball, or taking the ball away with a steal defines the difference between winning and losing.  One of our broadcasters on April 6, Coach Jim Herzing directs the defense at Ridgway High School in District 9 which has made the state playoffs the last few years with tough D-

#3, Christina Ribaudo,  Toms River (NJ)
#16, Aniya Jones Sanford School (DE)

#31, Allison Warren,   Nativity BVM
#32, Cliaira Loyd,   Scranton H S
#70,  Will Sandherr,  North Allegheny
#93, Jonathan Williams,   Dunmore
#94, Kevin Taylor,   Palisades Park (NJ)
#100, Reynaldo Germosen,   Scranton HS
#108, Taroja’e Brake,  Octorara
#127 Shaquan Frazier,  Carver Eng. + Science
#130, Anthony Wright,  Steel-High


Joe Landolfi (left) from Altoona and Jim Herzing (right) from Ridgway, the color announcers in the Big 60 broadcast booth for the live streaming shootouts

MOVEMENT. Players need to be able to run the court and execute while on the move.  Players need to be able to cut toward the ball and know when to move away from the ball to make their team effective.  When to drive, when to dish! One of our coaches, Wes Soto has been a high school coach at both ELCO and Warwick and is considered a top teacher of the game-shown in this photo providing instruction to players at basketball camp on the value of movement:

Maya Horne,  Baltimore Poly Tech (MD)
Brandon Yu ,  North Brunswick (NJ)
Noah Kandt,   Southern Lehigh
Kyle Goodson,  Penns Grove (NJ)
Stone Conners,  Glenelg (MD)
Paul Bellamy,  Cherokee (NJ)
Reynaldo Germosen,   Scranton HS
#114, David Enkoom, Maxwell Heights, Canada

Seth Evan Henry,  Reservoir (MD)
Sukhmil Mathon,  Dallas
#130, Anthony Wright,  Steel-High
#143,  Jale Rae, Bendal Tech  Institute, Canada



Coach Wes Soto

THREE. The 3 point shot was first allowed in college for the 1979 season,  in the pros in 1980, and in high school in Pennsylvania in 1987. Shooting it is one thing, but making the shot on a consistent basis is the key.  One of our coaches on April 6, Chuck Cleckner was a sharp shooting guard on the 1980 Susquehanna Twp. State Championship team and these were his picks for  players showed that they could hit the three:
top Will Sandherr,  North Allegheny

#4, Mikayla Lynn Cheney,  Conestoga Valley
#8, Maya Horne,  Baltimore Poly Tech (MD)

#25, Candis Taylor,  New Town (MD)
#40, Zion Williams,   Valley Central (NY)
#70, Will Sandherr,  North Allegheny
#76, Christopher Shaw,   Pompton Lakes (NJ)

#92, Joey Lonardi,  Elizabethtown
#98, Jordan Cipalla,   Warwick
Taroja’e Brake,  Octorara
Joseph Richards,  North Penn
Gustavo Sephes III,  Boys Latin of Philadelphia

Coach Chuck Cleckner
Rebounding. The team that gets extra shots from offensive rebounds has the best chance to win and one of our BIG 60 broadcasters today, Joe Landolfi used this skill to help his team, Bishop Guilfoyle win the 1967  State Championship and sent him to the University of Massachusetts where he was a teammate with "Dr. J" Julius Erving.  Remember, every player has a responsibility to rebound! These were the players he singled out for work around the offensive glass:

Mikayla Lynn Cheney,  Conestoga Valley
Aniya Jones,  Sanford School (DE)
Jake DeLong,   Brandywine Heights
Gary Sandler,  River Hill (MD)
Gregory Dudiak,   Penn-Trafford
Megan Yannutz,   Solanco
KeiJuan Major,   Indian River (DE)
Marvin Griffin II,  Lord Fairfax Community College (VA)
Aareni Smith,  Mount Hebron (MD)
#139, Joshua Jimenez, Chaminade College School, Canada
#144, Brandon Bunbury, Assencion of Our Lady, Canada

Good All-Around Player. These players were identified by the coaches as contributing in a number of ways to their team.  Every team needs them.

#16, Aniya Jones,  Sanford School (DE)
#22 Joya Maser, Susquehanna Twp.
#33, Delphine Adams, Eastern Commerce, Canada
#69, Chad Strothers, Centennial (MD)
#70, Will Sandherr,  North Allegheny
#96, Brendan Cavanaugh, Queen Anne's County  (MD)
#130, Anthony Wright,  Steel-High
#141,  Jordan Burton, Victoria Park, Canada