St. Mary's Coterie

Definition of COTERIE:  "an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose."

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Coterie 2014. St. Marys, Cozy Afgan



The Coterie
Clubhouse in
St. Mary's, PA

No meeting is complete
without Straub's beer

Photos and report
Coterie 2012
HERE, Siesta Key, Florida



Photo taken just prior to the St. Marys Coterie taking center-court for the St. Armond's Circle Volleyball Championship (Photo credit: Sarasota Herald Tribune)

Photos and report
Coterie 2011
HERE, St. Marys and Altoona



Huey Gillan in front of the PFL Club in downtown St. Marys


Photos and report
Coterie 2010, St, Marys and Harrisburg


Photos and report
Coterie 2009, Reno, Nevada


Photos and report
 Coterie, 2008
 HERE, San Luis Obispo, California




The Coterie at the Powder River Rodeo in California in 2008  (Left to right, Bill Gaffey, our host Teddy Rusito, Pat Gaffey, "Little Bruce" Reed, Tom Connors, Dan Connors).

Photos and report
Coterie, 2007
HERE, Vancouver, Washington



On a tour of a Vietnam naval display on the Columbia River (separating the state of Washington from the state of Oregon). First row (left to right) Bill Gaffey, Jim Urbancic, Bruce Reed. Second row, Jack Brown, Jack Renwick, Tom Connors, Dan Connors, Pat Gaffey.


Photos and report
Coterie, 2006


Photos and report
Coterie, 2005

Photos and report
Coterie, 2004
Photos and report
Coterie, 2003, Siesta Key, Florida
Photos and report
Coterie, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada
Photos and report
Coterie, 2001, San Luis Obispo, California
at the home of Dan Connors



Photo: left to right-(seated Dan Connors, Tom Connors)  standing, Francis Dean, Jack Renwick,  Mary Ann Connors, Bruce Reed, Pat Gaffey, Bill Gaffey, Norman Heiberger