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Dave Burman Reports.  Chester High School's  #1 fan,  Dave Burman sent this announcement that Chester will play in the Florida City of Palms Classic, info HERE
Mr. Burman adds a great  Dr. J video mix from U-Tube  HERE

Delaware County Schools found HERE

Fred Pickett (Chester),  Leonard Poole (Simon Gratz), Byrd Powell (Lancaster McCaskey) photo credit: Dave Burman

Do you know District One?   examine the PIAA District Map to find  District One schools  HERE


Who were the best basketball players to come out of Delaware County? -nominations found   HERE

Hampton Inn

Round and Square Pizza

Sandwiches and Hoagies
Pasta, Salads

Dick's Sporting Goods 

 Players to Watch

Class  2008       HERE
 Class  2009         HERE
 Class 2010     
 Class  2011        HERE


Go to the Pennsylvania Basketball Website, click HERE
District 1 nicknames over the years,  HERE

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