Jacob DiLallo Basketball Profile

Academics: A student, National Honor Society Member

6 ft. 3 in. tall, 205 lbs.


Greece Olympia

Rochester, NY
Class or 2013

2011-2012 Season Highlights:

  Team Captain as a Junior

  Averaged 11 points per game and nearly 3 three-point baskets per game.

  Set a school record for career 3 point baskets at 101 for just 2 seasons and 38 games.

2010-2011 Season Honors/Awards:

  Varsity MVP

  Leading scorer

  3-point shooting trophy

o   50 3-point baskets made during season (season record is 58)

  Awarded a plaque for most 3-point shots made in one season by a sophomore at the Varsity level.

  Varsity free throw leader trophy

  Awarded a plaque for setting new school single-season record with a free-throw percentage of 96%, missing only 1 free throw all season.

Camps Attended:

  Wanna Get Fast strength and speed training 2010 and 2011

o   Intense training regimen, improves vertical leap, quickness, strength

o   Work with top High School, College and some pro athletes

  Coach Sullivan Basketball Training

o   Shawn Sullivan is a trainer with Attack Athletics in Chicago, working with professional and collegiate basketball players.

  Next Level Hoops

o   Trained individually and in group sessions with Ray Smith, Assistant Mens Basketball Coach at RIT


o   Has played 3 years with RAP (Rochester Area Players)

o   Played 1 years on a national team, Franchise Ballers

  Summer 2011 BCANY (Basketball Coaches Association of New York) Section Five Team

o   BCANY replaced the Empire State Games with teams representing all sections of New York State athletics

o   Section Five Team was 2-2 on the tournament, Jake averaged 12 points per game.

o   Placed 2nd in the 3-point shooting contest.