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Did you know that District 9 has one of the best sports websites on the internet, it is run by Chris Rossetti and  Rich Rhoades,   you can find it   HERE

He has more wins than any other coach in District Nine basketball history
Can you name him?  He was named to the Pennsylvania Basketball Hall of Fame.

For complete story go HERE

Calvin Grumley playing for Johnsonburg became the highest scorer in the history of District 9 to join the Pennsylvania 2,000 Point Club.  Examine this list to see where he stands in Pennsylvania history  HERE

Memorable Games in Pennsylvania
The shot was a heave from mid-court following a jump ball.   Many contended the time had expired. It was the 1948 State Championship Game.  Who won, go HERE

Dynamic Duos
They played for Norm Sundstrums's Flying Dutchmen and propelled the team through an undefeated regular season.   Story HERE

From Smethport
She was named the East MVP in 1975 in one of the first girl's all-star basketball games ever played in Pennsylvania. She scored 23 points.  Her story can be found HERE

Who is your favorite sportswriter from the past?  Former writers from St. Marys and Johnsonburg are on the ballot found HERE

Who were the best high school players to play in District 9? For the nominations go  HERE

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