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Who were the best players in the history of District 9 Basketball?
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Jim Bovard, Kane  1949
Brandon Housler, Cameron County, 1999
Billy Gorman, St. Mary's Public 1949
Dan Wetzel, Coudersport 1964
Jesse Bosnick, Elk County 2007
Don Steppe, DuBois 1960
Dave Lynch, Venango Catholic, 1969
Ed Sloff, Sykesville, 1951
1942.  All State Team:  Ed Moffatt (Bradford).
1943.  All State Team:  Don Walker (Bradford)
Calvin Grumley, Johnsonburg, 2007
Bill Fulton, Johnsonburg, 1958
Garrett Heath - Keystone, 2004
Jim Roessner scored 53  Clearfield St. Francis,  1965
Gary Smith, Kane, 1956
Jim Schlimm, St. Marys Central, 1948
Frank Bergman, Wilcox, 1955
George Wise, Clearfield, 1957
Skippy Rote, Smethport, 1956
Mike Fowler, Austin, 1998
Gary Hooten, Brockway, 1973
Pat Felix, Dubois Central Catholic, 1976
A. J. Straub, Elk County Christian,  2002
Joe Steiner, Punxsutawney, 1957
Tim Marconi, St. Mary's Area, 1985
Jim Stayer  Port Allegany 1990


Sheana Mosch, Dubois Cent Catholic, 1999
Kim Tingley, Coudersport, 1997
Diana Phalon, Smethport , 2007
Alicia Ponegalek, East Forest, 2007
Melinda Martin, Northern Potter, 1999
Joyce Wensel, Union, 1982
Jill Wensel, Union, 1986
Mary Barrow, Brockway, 2001
Kali Carnovale, St. Marys, 2003
Jen Cole, Smethport, 2003
"Mimi" Herger, Port Allegany, 1976
Amanda Swanson, Clearfield,  2000
Julie Schlimm, Elk County Christian, 1989
April Batt, Otto Eldred, 1993
Ann Drathman, Ridgway1982
Grace "Lucky" Moran Port Allegany 1987



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