East Coast Index Boys All Star List
June 11th @ Spooky Nook

Any player named to this list is invited to register for the “Cream of the Crop” event on October 31st

!Cecil Munshin – Pierson HS, NY…Fantastic all around skill set, college ready in open court
Michael Hester – Hempfield…scores a variety of ways inside and out, knows how to play
Derrick Watkins – Roselle Catholic, NJ…finisher, good in transition, great offensive skill set
Josiah Jordan – Berks Catholic…Division 1 QB prospect, crazy finisher at the rim, scores off bounce
Adam Shaak – Upper Perkiomen…shoots the 3, boards well, finisher, complete player
John Clemmons – Caravel Academy DE…good off bounce, shoots it, great passer
Isaiah Shoyombo – Seton Hall Prep, NJ…dynamic playmaking guard, hits the step back
Joachim Margetson – St. John’s Prep, MA…finishes, shoots 3, good in open court
Colin Payne – Exeter…driver, scorer, great playmaker combo guard
Noah Addis – Coventry Christian…very good off the bounce, professional scorer
Daniel Park – Ridgway…shoots the 3, defends, passes, complete player
Jackson Pugh – Bishop O’Connell…unreal on ball defender (reminds of Fats Russell) great off bounce
Zach Konopke – Wyoming Valley West…gets to the rim, scores the ball a variety of ways, makes plays
Jalen Sample – William Penn, DE…very tough off the bounce, college level athleticism and skills
Luke Collins – Lebanon..shoots the 3, great player in transition offensively and defensively
Dean Furrer – Freeport Area…drives the ball, finisher, makes the right pass
Yassir Muhammad – HS of Future…athletic “Big” plays inside and out, shoots the 3
Karon Mallory – Northeastern…finishes at rim, nice pull up, playmaking combo guard
Bennett Wilson – Pierson, NY…6’4 plays inside and out, scores the ball a variety of ways
Malachi Thomas – Milton Hershey… big and strong at 6’4, athletic, can’t be stopped going to the cup
Bryce Hawkins – Word of Life, VA…gets to the rim, knows how to score the ball
Ron Fox – Strasburg, VA…range on the three, scores off bounce as well
Dominic Michaels – Shamokin…scores a variety of ways, nice all around skill set
Chad Lawrence – IRS, NY…solid off bounce, nice player in open court
Amyr Walker – Philly West Catholicgreat finisher at the rim, gets where he wants off bounce, strong
Joshua Grant – Woodlawn MD…solid all around game, makes all the right plays
Matt Tiernan – Upper Moreland…real nice face up game, versatile player at both ends
Trey Grube – Manheim Central…professional scorer, lights out off the catch
Michael Gitz – Commack NY…great with the ball, knows how to make the right plays
Bryan Pressey – Wilmington, DE…great finisher, knows how to score a variety of ways for next level
Frank Valenti – Marian Catholic…knows how to score the ball, solid skill set
Andrew Sepp – St. Mary’s NJ…solid combo guard, ready for the next level
Techeal Gonquoi – Elizabethtown…solid combo guard, makes plays on the drive
Taris Wilkerson Jr. – Milton Hershey…athletic guard, he attacks on offense and defends hard
Josh Pelzer – Perkiomen Valley…lights out shooter, knows how to score
Darnell Harkless – Westminster MD…shooter, knows how to create off the bounce
Cohyn Reisman – Ruben Cirillo, NY… finisher, makes all the right plays, high ceiling
Taron Taylor – Philly Electric and Technology…rangy and athletic, good around the rim
Dominic Januzzi – Pittston…handles well, can score a variety of ways, makes good decisions with ball
Travis Cusic – Patuxtent MD…gets to the rim, great in open floor
Jordan Parks – Wyandanch Memorial NY…great finisher, knows how to score the ball
Chad Dohl – St. Marks DEshooter who stretches the floor, solid skill set on the day
Braedon Reid – Midd West – Solid shooter who also can get to basket off the bounce

Isaiah Shoyombo –
Seton Hall Prep, NJ

Dan Patrick-
 Ridgway PA

D J Watkins-
 Roselle Catholic  NJ

Andrew Sepp –
 St. Mary’s NJ

Josiah Jordan –
Berks Catholic PA

Michael Gitz –
 Commack NY
Twitter: @mike_gitz2023

Jalen Sample
 William Penn DE.
 Class of 2023
Twitter: @bryce30001019
Bryce Hawkins
Word of Life VA

Chad Lawrence
 IRS    NY
 Class of 2024
 Cecil Munshin
 Pierson Sag Harbor  NY


 Trey Grube
Manheim Central PA 


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