East Coast Index  Girl’s Report

June 19th @ Spooky Nook


The Girl talent pool was the best I have seen in my 23 years of covering the event. Hannah Swenski (Big Spring) and Desiree Gaeckler (Oyster Bay NY) were solid inside and out providing great versatility. Anna Audley from Bishop Guilfoyle had a variety of moves that were tough to stop in the post. Finally, Gabriella Yodice of Msgr. McClancey in New York was a solid finisher and 3 point shooter. My best one/two punch from the same school goes to the dynamic duo of Madison Shetrom and Amber Newberry of Altoona High. Break out the triangle and 2 for these two young ladies that were outstanding offensive threats! Here are my “Top” players for the event. I will see you August 14th at the Nook!

Katelyn Parisi – Holidaysburg…gets to the rim , shoots the 3
Stephanie Guihon – Largo MD…great off the bounce, shoots the 3
Jenna  Bauer – Central Cambria…great finisher around the basket, soild all around game
Hannah Swenski – Big Spring…scores the ball, good at both ends of the floor
Morgan Dombroski – Westminster MD…good off the dribble, quick hands, can take over a game
Anna  Audley – Bishop Guilfoyle…great up and under move, finishes at the rim
Kate Levato – Penn Manor…tremendous all around player, can dominate a game
Hannah Prather – Everett…lights out shooter, plays the right way
Gabriella Yodice – Msgr. McClancey NY…solid finisher, shoots the 3
Haylee Ramirez – Hudson Catholic NJ…shoots the 3, great distributor, runs the point
Chanel Taylor – Central Islip NY…great screen and roll player, great in open court
Nicole Gilchrist – New Foundations Charter…can flat out score at the rim, solid player
Kviah Cynae-Breazeale – New Foundations Charter…handles it, sees the floor, shoots it
Alyssa Martinazzi – Bishop Carroll … can score at will a variety of ways, great shooter, great passer
Desiree Gaeckler – Oyster Bay NY… good screen and roll player, unstoppable on the block as well
Emily Theobald – Honesdale…shoots the 3, great bball IQ
Brandi Hall – Old Mill MD…shoots the 3, nice eurostep move
Madison Shetrom – Altoona High…gets to the rim, great in transition, shoots the 3
Marissa Fernandez-Tierney – Bangor…great skill set offensively, great finisher at the rim, hard to guard
Caitlin McMullan – Wildwood Catholic NJ…lights out 3 point shooter, plays at both ends of court
Amber Newberry – Altoona…great crossover move, finishes, scores the ball at will
Emilie Leidig – Bellwood Antis – Gets to the rim, shoots it with range
Gabby Vega – Wilson (Easton, PA) …can go coast to coast, shoots it with range
Brieann Ohland – Bangor…great passer, nice shooter
Arienne Sauvingnon-Howard – Fontbonne Acad. (Boston, MA) …solid finisher, shoots the 3, MVP caliber
Bailey Patrick – South Carroll MD…solid all around skill set, scores the ball
Hannah Johnson – Martinsburg Central…handles well, great in transition


November 6th
 "Cream of the Crop" Showcase

Players who are named in this East Coast Index report are invited to return for the November 6th "Cream of the Crop" Showcase - this event will be held at Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, PA.  The August and October events are next!

"a step away from the NCAA Final Four"

Our events are just a step away from the NCAA Final Four.  Girls who play in our Showcases are eligible to play in our Senior All-Star series at the end of the regular season.  In 2015-16, Kaya Irwim of State College (PA) High School played for Pennsylvania in the Pennsylvania vs Maryland Game.  This fall she will attend the University of Connecticut on a D-1 scholarship.


NCAA Women's Tournament
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