August 20, 2017
Spooky Nook Sports, Manheim, PA

Girls Report Aug. 20

The girls slate featured some nice talent from as far south as Virginia and as far north as Connecticut! |
In terms of length and versatility Neveyah Chester brought that to the table playing well inside and outside. I also liked the play of Becca Margolis out of Council Rock North as she was crafty with the basketball and made great plays at the offensive and defensive end of the floor.  Finally, as a true post player Selena Mann out of St. Joseph Catholic was solid in the paint all day long. Here are my “Top 25” on the day:

Makayla Blake – Colonie Central NY …gets to the rim, solid post player, finishes
Lauren Shedleski – Mount Carmel…executes the back door, shoots the 3
Emily Tuin – Wilton CT…great open court player, shoots the ball
Lindsay Brier – York Catholic…great skill set in the post, stat stuffer, knows how to play the game
Becca Margolis – Council Rock North…distributor, gets to the rim, great defender
Kelis Corley – St. John’s College (DC) …long, rangy, athletic, gets to rim and finishes
Madi White – Woodgrove VA…shoots it well, shares the ball, moves without it, full package
Maggie Friedline – North Star…stat stuffer, does everything well, will know how to plauy at next level
Aunbrielle Green – CD East…dominant, finishes in paint, nice mid range game
Maggie O’Hare – Bayard Rustin…can go both ways in paint and shoots it from3
Josie Klingenburg – Manchester Valley MD…terrific passer, solid point guard, nice skill set
Neveyah Chester – Coatesville…long, rangy and athletic…can play the 2 thru 5 spots
Olivia Macedo – Central Dauphin East…very good at getting to the rim, versatile player
Hannah Roedel – Western Wayne…excellent point guard who runs the show, shoots the 3
Ashton Ball – Spring Grove…lights out shooter, finishes at the rim, complete package
Taliyah Rahman – Archbishop Ryan…fantastic playmaker, controls the game, gets to the rim
Kayley Burke – Altoona – Great open court player, hits the glass, scores the ball
Angela DeGenero – Maine Edwell NY…shoots off the dribble, hits the glass
Sunniva Nyhus – Patriot VA…complete package, passes well, gets to rim off bounce, range on the 3
Stephanie Yatko – Waverly…nice post player, runs the floor, shot blocker, finisher
Sydney Blum – Council Rock North…fantastic off the dribble, scores and makes plays at will
Selena Mann – St. Joseph Catholic…strong presence in post, scores in the paint, controls the paint
Kendall Bossler – Wilson West Lawn – finisher, strong all around skill set
Leila Collazo – Steinert NJ…finishes, sees the floor, knows how to play
Zoe Costley – Westminster MD…solid post moves, can assist from the post as well
Nya Searight – Springside Chestnut Hill Academy…penetrates, gets on the glass
Grace Kelleher – Lewisburg Area … gets to the rim at will, finishes at the rim, good offensive skill set
Joelle Bridges – Springside Chestnut Academy…nice off the bounce, shoots the 3
Ava Stevenson – Trinity…complete player, finishes, passes, mid range game
Miranda  Olmeda – Muhlenberg…shoots off the bounce, handles it well

#41  Lindsay Brier   (2018)
York Catholic (PA)


#57  Neveyah Chester (2021)
Coatesville (PA)



Spooky Nook is rated at the
 #1 indoor sports facility in the USA!!

#52 Zoe Costley (2019)
Westminister (MD)


#38  Sunniva Nyhus (2018)
Patriot (VA)


#47  Diana Mosten (2021)
Bishop McDevitt (PA)


All players selected to the “Top 25” are invited to register for the “Cream of the Crop” event on November 5th at Spooky Nook! This event will bring together the top players from  all our Shootouts!

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