JUNE 18, 2017

East Coast Index Girls Report

It just felt like the points per possession percentage was through the roof both in the half court and in transition. I thought Emily Hegedus out of Karns City could really get to the rim and still make the right read and hit the open person on the break. She had great versatility. Also, Cara Bako from Bishop Walsh in Maryland had those same qualities. Bako could score a variety of ways and has a nice stop and pop jumper. My top post player on the day was Leah Hodick out of Pittston. She ran the floor well to compliment her solid moves in the post. See you on August 20th at Spooky Nook!

       Here are my “Top 25”:

Kayley Burke – Altoona…good mid range game, scores the ball
Julia Smar – Villa Maria Academy…great passer, knows how to get to the rim
Gianna Mele-Madigan…Serra Catholic…shooter, gets to the rim
Kate Fitzpatrick – Mjiddletown…nice skill set, gets to the rim
Aliyah Labriola – Bishop Guilfoyle…great offensive skill set inside and out, scores in the post
Amaya Douglas – Coatesville…scores the ball, could getting to the rim,athletic
Ashley Schwenck – Pleasant Valley…solid skill set on the blocks
Emily Hegedus – Karns City…great passer on the break, can go coast to coast off bounce
Cara Bako – Bishop Walsh, MD…scores the ball a variety of ways, shoots the floater in paint
Sunniva Nyhus – Patriot, VA…gets to the rim, sees the floor, uses spin move to create
Abigail Hershner – The Tome School, MD…great finisher at the rim, scores the ball
Olivia LeClaire – Owen J. Roberts…great passer and finisher, knows how to play the game
Jamie Mahigel – Mifflin County…finishes at the rim and shoots deep threes
Amanda Smida – Avon Grove…nice mid-range game, good all around skill set
Ashley Harbold – Dallastown…finishes in transition, shoots the 3
Jess Cabrera – Solanco…active hands to create steals, great finisher on the move
Aleksa Burger – Solanco…feeds the post, finiahes, shoots the 3
Leah Hodick – Pittston…runs the floor, great passer, solid on the blocks
Kenzie Reed – Conestoga Valley…great screen and roll player, flat out scores it
MacKenzie Steele – Susquehanna Community…great finisher, solid on the blocks with back to basket
Amber High – Conestoga Valley…gets to the tin, lights out shooter with range
Anya Miller – Linden Hall…gets to rim relentlessly, creates steals, nice stop and pop
Nicole Kopik – Conrad Weiser…nice finisher, knows how to move without the ball
Jaira Wiley – Christ Chapel Academy, VA…rangy and athletic, handles on perimeter
Makhaila Bentil – Northumberland, VA…great screen and roll player, solid post moves
Victoria Donovan – Shenandoah Valley…active hands defensively, finishes at the rim
Emily Demalis – Shenandoah Valley…nice handle, shoots the step back “J”
Lindsey Welsh – Old Forge…great Eurostep move to rim, scores the ball, creative off bounce

#22 Cara Bako (2020)
Bishop Walsh (MD)

#18 Jamie Mahigel (2018)
Mifflin County (PA)

#24 Kayley Burke (2018)
Altoona (PA)

#2 Sarah Huston and #33 Amaya Douglas
the "Coatesville kids" with Dave Burman

#32 Sunniva Nyhus (2018)
Patriot (VA)

#26 Abigail Hershner (2019)
The Tome School (MD)

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