Farrell 59   Philadelphia Overbrook  58, Farrell Lions Club Tournament
"Chamberlains phenomenal antics not only provided the crowd with one of the best basketball shows they had ever seen, but won him the Lions Club Trophy for being the most valuable player."
 (Sharon Herald, Dec 29, 1954)

Farrell led at the half 31-30, they led 50-48 entering the fourth quarter.  The score was tied four times in the fourth quarter, 50-50, 52-52, 54-54, and 56-56.
Jim McCoy's foul shot at one minute and 26 seconds gave Farrell a one point lead, then Paul Gustas sunk two foul shots to put Farrell up three to off set a field goal by Howard Johnson of Overbrook. 
The loss for Overbrook was their only one in two years.  They won the Philadelphia City League in 1954 and finished 20-0.  Then they went 18-1 to win the Philadelphia City title again in 1955, the lone loss suffered in Farrell.

                      G   F       Pts
Sadler             9  2-4      6
Hughes           3  1-1       7
Chamberlain 12  9-15   33
Miller             2   0-0      4
Leaman          3   0-2      2
Johnson         1   0-2       2
              G   F       Pts
Kemp     6     3-5     15
McCoy   7     5-9     19
Bayer      2     0-1      4
Hall         0     1-3      1
Gustas     0     8-10    8
Jones       5     2-4    12
  Referees-Tony Senopole, Joe Zerilla
Prelim game:
Duquesne 71 New Kensington 65

This game was almost never played.  The Philadelphia City Supervisory Council of Athletics ruled that Overbrook could not participate due to some long standing (but not really enforced according to some) rules which did not permit Philadelphia City teams  to play two nights in a row, nor were they allowed to play in two tournaments in one season.  Earlier, Overbrook had agreed to play in the Farrell tournament Dec 27th and 28th, then also signed to play in the Johnstown War Memorial Tournament on Dec 29th and 30th.  Under these arrangements, Overbrook would be playing four nights in a row.  The compromise that was worked out allowed Overbrook to play in the Farrell Tournament on Dec 28th drawing a bye into the championship game, and playing in the Johnstown Tournament on Dec 30th drawing a bye into the championship round.  The Sharon Herald said, "both tournaments wanted "Wilt the Stilt," the seven foot giant whose publicity captured the imagination of cage fans throughout the state and tournament directors felt his presence would guarantee a full house." Many felt that Philadelphia city officials might have overlooked the rules except for the fact that Chester High School registered a protest when the Johnstown Tournament dropped them from the event to get Overbrook.  Overbrook lost in Farrell, but won the Johnstown event.  (Credit: Sharon Herald,  12/29/54, and a Johnny Pepe Sports Sauce column).

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