Give them all a trophy

The PIAA is going to 6 classifications.  

In 1954, Milan High School won the Indiana State Basketball Championship.  At that time. winning the championship was something very special.  This year, the PIAA has further watered down the meaning of a state championship by approving 6 classifications. 

 It's two things:  1-The new mentality of give every kid a trophy for participating, and
                         2-The NCAA inspired example of more Championships produces more money for the PIAA. 

The NCAA now features 40 bowl games with games planned in the future for teams with losing records. 

In 1920,  Harrisburg Tech defeated Bellvue 38-34 to sin the first ever Pennsylvania State Championship.  1920 (Box score).  Then 25 years later in 1945, Pennsylvania expanded to two classes and McAdoo defeated Conneautville 52-28 to win what was called the Class B title and in 1951 a third classification was added with Fredonia defeating Mt. Joy 49-43.
At that time, Indiana still only crowned one state champion.  In Pennsylvania the classifications were deemed Class A, Class B and Class C, then later to be named AAA, AA and A.

In 1973 the first girl's State Champ was Allentown Central Catholic when they defeated Sharpsville 65-38.  Then in 1976, the girls added a second class and Darby Colwyn defeated Union 50-38.  Then the girls expanded to three classes, A, B, and C when Pottsville Nativity defeated Johnsonburg 46-41 to win the Class C title.

Now the PIAA is going to 6 classes- 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A.  And on and on and on.   Football, baseball, softball and basketball  are all affected by the new rules. Give all the kids a trophy!

 "A group of former high school athletes filed a class-action lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association on Thursday (12/10/15), claiming the organization failed to properly protect them from and treat them for concussions, according to a report by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review"-  Will the PIAA be more vulnerable to concession lawsuits by devising a playoff scheme that allows for more  football players to bang heads for two and three more weeks each year? 

The schedule discussed Wednesday had the Class 4A final Thursday, Class A and 5A on Friday, and Class 2A, 3A and 6A on Saturday, in that order.

The classification chosen for the Thursday night game could change each year.

The PIAA football championships will be held over two days this season as usual, but a planned expansion to six classifications added two finals next season.

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