396 Men's College Coaches Watched on August 16
Men's College Coaches List

The  entire list was posted on the wall at Spooky Nook the day of the event..
Some well known and some lesser known spread across the entire United States!

396  watched on August 16

the following are some sniplets-  examples 1 Lebanon Valley College, 2 Bucknell, 3 Georgetown, 4  Lafayette, 5 Rider,  18 Coker College in South Carolina, 88 North Georgia,  98 Northern State in South Dakota, 202 Little Big Horn College in Montana,  254 University of San Francisco, 257 Bishop State in Alabama, 260 Colgate, 214 University  of Indianapolis, 259 Wilkes, 330 Lamar University in Texas, 383 Long Beach City College in California, 391 University of Buffalo.