WPIAL Class final in 1960

as witnessed by Mike Repas

This was the finest high school basketball game I have ever had the privilege of watching.  I was working with the broadcast crew of WFAR in Farrell. 
 The level of intensity was incredible considering these were high school kids.   We actually saw the game twice, first at the game itself and then we watched  it from beginning to end on a TV replay after the game in a bar in Zelienople.     A Pittsburgh TV station [the then channel 4, I believe]  taped the game and played it back later.   We marveled at Coach McCluskey's strategy to overcome Uniontown's two-platoon" style of play.   Coach McCluskey had noticed that  Coach Everhart  almost never intermixed the players in each of his platoons so when he was forced to intermix the platoons, Farrell  switched offensive patterns and defenses every time and this caused the Red Raiders problems..
  When the final buzzer went off we were all physically and mentally exhausted.  Imagine going through all that twice in the space of just a few hours.
The game-breaker came with under 2 minutes to play.  McCluskey had a policy in his years of taking at least one sophomore and working him into the rotation with his veterans.  This assured that there would always be at least one player returning for two more years with lots of big game experience.  In 1960 it was Willie Alford.  He took down a defensive rebound and dribbled out to the right side of the court looking to make an outlet pass.  Uniontown picked it up defensively forcing Alford to keep the ball. He dribbled over the time line, started toward the middle then moved deliberately back to the right. He suddenly accelerated, went to the baseline, past his defender and laid it in uncontested.  The Uniontown kids looked shocked and Abe was livid.  They never recovered.  Throughout the game Somerset's wing jump shots and Paul Kudelko's long two-hand set shots kept the shorter Steelers in the game.  I'd never seen Generalovich play a better game inside.  His defense and rebounding were phenomenal!   Those who witnesses that game will be quick to assure that the games that came after this one were anti-climactic.  The Farrell-Uniontown game was "the" state title game.