Past Big 60 Showcase Results
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      Court 2-Boy's Game 
   Court 2-Girl's Game
Big 60  Showcase  Results from
November 6, 2016

East Coast Index Report Boys
East Coast Index Report GirlsPrystal Scouting Report Girls
 Prystal Scouting Report Boys
Boy's rosters and schedule-
 Girl's rosters and schedule-
Broadcast Schedule----Coaching Schedule
 The  Nov 6 YOUtube games  

Big 60  Showcase  Results from
October 16, 2016

Prystal Scouting Report: Boys
Prystal Scouting Report: Girls
East Coast Index Report: Boys
East Coast Index Report: Girls

YOUtube videos from Oct 16

Missing game: 1:18 Court 2, 17 vs 18 - Court Two: Game MVPs October 16
Court One:  Game MVPs October 16

Girl's Roster-------- Girl's Teams and Schedule
Boy's Roster -- Boy's Teams and Schedule

Big 60  Showcase  Results from
August 14, 2016
East Coast Boy's Reportt
East Coast Girl's Report
Prystal Boy's Report
Prystal Girl's Report
Girl's Rosters
Boy's Rosters


Broadcast  Schedule
Coaches  Schedule

Each game MVP is interviewed live online

Her car carried two Game MVPs

#98 Ryan Russo Morristown Beard NJ,
with grandfather and father

 Big 60  Showcase  Results
from June 19, 2016

East Coast Boy's Report
East Coast Girl's Report
Prystal Boy's Report 
Prystal Girl's Report

Games on YOUtube
June 19 YOUtube
Girl's Roster and Schedule
Boy's Roster and Schedule

parents and fans watch at Spooky Nook
402 men's college coaches watched
249 women's college coaches watched
"live streaming" makes the difference

#34, Madison Shetrom  2017
Altoona  PA - MVP Game #3


#711, Donovan Ryland- 2018
Trenton Catholic  NJ- MVP Game #2

Big 60  Showcase  Results
from May 1, 2016
This was a boys only event

East Coast Report 

Prystal  Report      

May 1 rosters/schedule
Games on YOUtube

   Big 60  Showcase  Results
from Nov 8, 2015

East Coast Boy's Report  
East Coast Girl's Report
Prystal Boy's Report         
Prystal Girl's Report

Games on YOUtube

Big 60  Showcase Results
from Oct 25, 2015

East Coast Boy's Report    
 East Coast Girl's Report
Prystal Scouting Boy's Report     Prystal Scouting Girl's Report

  Girl's rosters and schedule
 Boy's Roster and schedule
Games on YOUtube

Big 60  Showcase Results
from Oct 11, 2015
East Coast Boy's           
East Coast Girl's
Prystal Scouting Boy's
Prystal Scouting Girl's
 Oct 11 Schedule        
 Boy's Rosters         
Boys alphabetical/height
 Girl's Rosters     
Girls alphabetical/height
Games on YOUtube
Big 60  Showcase Results
from June 14, 2015

 Prystal Girl's Report
Prystal Boy's Report
East Coast Girl's Report
East Coast Boy's Report

boys and girls YOUtube
June 14 YOUtube games

Boy's Rosters    Girl's Rosters
Big 60 Showcase Results  May 17  
Lancaster Bible College
Prystal Report Boys

Prystal Report Girls

East Coast Report Boys 
East Coast Report Girls

YOUtube link- HERE
team 3 vs team 6 
Girl's Rosters HERE    
Boy's Rosters  HERE
Nov 9, 2014
 "Big 60" Scouting Reports
1-Prystal Boy's Report
Prystal Girl's Report
2-East Coast Index Boy's
East Coast Index Girl's
3-YOUtube Videos
Girls Teams    Boys Teams
Games Schedule    
Broadcasters Assignments

#327, Jonahtan Hall, Geo Washington
Carver (PA)
 Game 3 MVP

#78Andrew White, Wareham (MA)
Game 2 MVP

Co MVP in Big 60 Game 6
#33, Emma Saxton, Central York  (PA)

Oct 19, 2014
 "Big 60" Scouting Reports
1-Prystal Scouting Boy's Report

 Prystal Scouting Girl's Report 
East Coast Boy's Index Report
   East Coas
t Girl's Index Report
YOUtube Video Posts 
Team Rosters

MVP in Big 60 Game 7-#26, Taylor Knorr, Twin Valley (PA)-Interviewed by Dave Burman, Lewistown the voice of 105.5  Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Sports Radio

Co-MVP's in Big 60 Game 5
#67, Christopher Brown (Olympia (NY) and #55 Shane Jardine (Ewing (NJ)
Interviewed by Special Guest Color Analyst, Joe Bressi, Harrisburg, PA a member of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame

MVP in Big 60 Game 9
#68, Michael Caswell, State College (PA)
Interviewed by Color Analyst, Joe Landolfi, Altoona, PA Landolfi and Dr "J" were teammates at the University of Massachusetts

Sept 28, 2014
 "Big 60"  Scouting Reports

1-Prystal Scouting Boy's Report
Prystal Scouting Girl's Report
East Coast Boy's Index Report
   East Coast Girl's Index Report
YOUtube Video Posts

#56, Daniel Delaware
Hedgesville WV

#42, Lauren Pettis - Susquehanna Twp. (PA)
voted MVP in Game #4

#103, Lamar Morgan.  BCIT  (NJ) 2015
voted MVP in Game #2
 interviewed by Color Analyst Jim Herzing from St. Mary's, PA

 June 1, 2014
 "Big 60" Scouting Reports
June 1 Recap and photos
2-Prystal Scouting Report- Boy's
   Prystal Scouting Report- Girl's
3-East Coast Index - Boy's
   East Coast Index-  Girl's
4-Coaches Notebook-
 Boys and Girls
YOUTUBE videos
and team rosters

Lili Benzel
Bishop Guilfoyle
Game MVP

Chris "Handles" Franklin, guest color analyst with student athletes Pitts and Tull who came from the Silver Oak Academy in Maryland.

April 6, 2014
"Big 60" Scouting Reports

1-Prystal Scouting Report- boys
 Prystal Scouting Report- girls
2-East Coast Index -boys
East Coast Index- girls
3-Coaches Notebook- boys / girls


Allison Warren
Pottsville BVM Nativity
Five college coaches contacted her after the Showcase

Jeremy Breier


2013: Nov 10 at Spooky Nook  Results
Oct 13
Lancaster Bible College- Prystal Scouting Report boys
NCC- boys oct 13
2013: Oct 13
Lancaster Bible College- Prystal Scouting Report girls
 NCC-girls oct 13
2013: Sept 29
NCC-boys sept 29
BOYS TOP 25 on YOUtube
2013: Sept 29
NCC-girls sept 29
GIRLS TOP 25 on YOUtube
June 2

Boys-Prystal Scouting Report spring
Boys YOUtube-teams june 2
Girls- Prystal Scouting Report spring
Girls YOUtube-teams june 2
Everyone's first game on YOUTUBE   HERE
2013: April 7 Shootout Results
East Coast Index Report
-Prystal Scouting Report
-our shootout "A" team

-shootout game breakers page
 Prystal Boy's Top 40      HERE
 Prystal Girl's Top 40       HERE
East Coast Index Boy's Report  HERE
East Coast Index Girl's Report  HERE

 "Top 25" Highlight Videos  on YOUTUBE
Highlights Boys -
Highlights Girls
Fall 2012 Shootout Results

April 1, 2012 
(Penn State Harrisburg)
2-May 26, 2012
Oct 9, 2011(Penn State Harrisburg)
4-June 5, 2011 (Middletown H S)
April 17, 2011 (Penn State Harrisburg)
6-May 22, 2011 (Auburn, NY)
7-October 2010 
(Penn State Harrisburg)
8-April 2010  
(Penn State Harrisburg)
9-October 2009 (Penn State Harrisburg)
Spring 2009
Prystal Results  HERE
East Coast Results  HERE
National Collegiate Combine  HERE
Hennessey Assessments  
Fall 2008
Ed O'Brien Video Highlights,  HERE
Hennessey Assessments
                 Boys and Girls,  HERE
National Collegiate Combine
                 Boys and Girls,  HERE

Prystal Girl's results HERE
Prystal  Boys,  HERE
East Coast Girl's  HERE
East Coast Boys,  HERE

-Summer 2007 Report

2004 Shootouts Report
PSU Harrisburg PA
Bishop Grimes, Syracuse NY



Coach Wayne Walters organizes his team

Tom Prystal the architect
of the Prystal Scouting Reports

Coach Phay Vaughn

Coach Alvin Kyle

Coach Wes Soto

Coach Redding, Spring Mills, West Virginia and Joe Landolfi (Altoona) from the Big 60 broadcast crew. Coach Redding brought three of his players from West Virginia to the Showcase.

Three Fabius (NY) teammates

Coach Chuck Cleckner and
Quadri Odufuwa,
 Lagos, Nigeria

Jeff Fara talks with Pierre Jordan Reyes (#132)  Manchester Memorial,  New Hampshire


Alize Johnson
St. John Neuman Academy
-Williamsport, PA Played in two shootouts and was named a  Prystal "Top Five" Player

Do you remember #23 and#24, the twins?
Pine Grove (PA)

Coach Mike Gaffey, Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt ; he directs the Pennsylvania/
Maryland Basketball Camp; he directs
the Roundball Classic All-Star Game for senior players; and he runs the on-court activity at the Big 60-you will find him center court.