PIAA State Basketball Championships-2002

March 22, 23, 2002, at Hersheypark Arena
Defense and teamwork were the victors
in the Bishop Hannan victory. Yes, Gerry McNamara had 32 points, but his teammates brought the team back at the end of the third quarter with solid defense and team play to cut the Sto Rox lead with their star player on the bench.

Four in a row stands as the record for consective state titles. The all-time Carlisle record of four in a row was tied by Kennedy Catholic last year, but this year Scotland ended their bid to set the new record at five.

PIAA Sttate Championship Notes:
Too many medals. If you watched the games this weekend, you noticed that almost everyone in Hersheypark Arena received a gold medal. For Sto Rox, even the superintendent received a medal. Originally, the games were for the players. Then they added medals for the managers, no problem-then the teams added more managers.Originally each team had a Varsity Coach and a J.V. Coach, then teams added more assistant coaches-Assistant Varsity Coaches, the Jr. High Coaches, now some teams have six coaches on the bench.

The first boy's championship game was held in 1920.
The first girl's championship game was held in 1973.

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