Prystal Scouting Service
  Nov 9,  2014 
"Cream of the Crop"
Boy's Outstanding
at Spooky Nook

Tom Prystal
P. O.  Box  843
Auburn, NY   13021

If you like versatility, you will like this crop of players. A lot of good inside out activity on the court at the Nook this past Sunday! Here are my players that get the automatic invite to the ‘Cream of the Crop” Showcase on Nov. 9th!   I have recognized players by Overall Performance and by Category, both groups are eligible to attend the "Cream of the Crop"- some players are on both lists, a tribute to their play in the three games they played in on Sunday.
(Photo: Chris "Handles" Franklin, Harlem Globetrotters and Tom Prystal, Prystal Scouting Service)

Outstanding by Overall Performance

Jarvay Bolton – Wyomissing…MVP Game 8, outside shooter, penetrator
Maurice Freeman – Howard DE…Athletic, great in transition, finishes
Ty’relle White – McConnellsburg… good screen and roll player, finishes, distributes
Terrell Lamar – Long Reach MD…strong going to the hoop, great finisher, stat stuffer
Gary Brown – Camden Catholic…nice dribble drive player, shoots j off the bounce
Jermaine Bent – Kipp Dubois Collegiate Academy…excellent Euro move, shoots the 3
Christian Thomas – Northwest Cath CT…tough defender, scores the ball, great all around guard
Ryan McTamney – LaSalle College…at 6’4” he gets to the rim and shoots the 3, can play multiple spots
Joshua Gilmoe – Leanpe NJ…crafty guard, gets to rim quickly, puts pressure on the defense
David Clark – Long Raech MD…athletic, great crossover, gets to the tin
Evan Anderson – West Chester…plays like a coach’s son, High IQ, shoots 3 and makes corner j
Jonathan Hall – Geo. Washington Carver…6’7 , handles, shoots it, finishes, MVP game 2
Isaiah Tillman – Tuscarora MD…shoots the 3 for a “big” , really gets to the rim!
Reggie Hopkins – Bishop McDevitt – shoots the 3 and gets to the rim with strong finishes
Isaiah Fluker – Thomas Stone MD …athletic, hits offensive glass, stat stuffer
Mason Bossert – ELCO …stat stuffer, good in open ct. and shoots the 3
Jermaine Lucas-Green – Delaware Valley Charter…takes it right to the rim, good off the bounce
Zeke Demasio – Valhalla NY 6’6 shoots the 3, handles coast to coast, 6’6 hybrid
Karl Lewis – Delaware Valley Charter…Had a Lebron James dunk, great hops, quick hands
Mario Olivieri – Pocono Mtn. West… Good in transition, shoots 3, nice up and under
Gianni Buarne – Immaculata Somerville NJ…nice jumper off the bounce, scores a variety of ways
James Williams – Bishop McDevitt…finisher, runs the floor, great defender
Tyler Cole – Hedgesville WV…shoots the 3, stat stuffer
Aaron Evans – Fairwinds Christian DE…3 pt. shooter, rebounds, runs the floor
Daniel Delaware – Hedgesville WV…controls the game! Shoots 3, posts up
Chase Rostao – Xaverian NY…gets to the rim, nice college skill set
Jordan Johnson – Montgomery Blair MD…strong post up game, seals, boards well
Andrew White – Wareham MA…goes coast to coast, james harden type driver, nice in open ct.
Ian Cella-Hoffman – Tatnall School…good getting to the basket, distributes, stat stuffer
Shane Jardine – Ewing NJ…gets to hoop at will, scores a variety of ways, college skill set
Joseph Pestkowski – Point Pleasant Beach NJ…”big” scores in post, strong on the boards
William McDaniel – Franklin NJ…scorer, shooter, wants the ball
Christopher Belton – Gwynn Park MD…great 3 point shooter! Spreads the defense
Bruce Shaffer – Homeschool Everett…runs floor, finishes, uses the pump fake to draw contact
Ahmad Odeh – Lodi NJ…shoots the 3 in traffic, great screen and roll player
Marcel Turner – Northwest MD…6’4 hybrid, posts up, scores the ball
Hunter Thomas – Windber…nice on the blocks run the floor, college body at 6’9
Devante Bailey – Potomac VA…finishes in the half ct. and finishes in transition
Hezekiah Dupree – Spring Mills WV….this guy shoots it and gets to the rim, stat stuffer, high IQ
Nicholas Gemmell – Bishop McDevitt…shoots the 3, great assist man
Aaron Schriver – Defends well and a nice game manager

Co-MVP in Big 60 Game 4
97   Daniel Roibal
Middletown South (NJ)  2015


Interviews by Dave Burman, Lewistown (PA)
the voice of 105.5  Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Sports Radio

Co-MVP in Big 60 Game 5
#68, Daniel Delaware, Hedgesville, WV(2015)

Co-MVP in Big 60 Game 8
81   Jarvay Bolton
Wyomissing (PA) 2016

2015 NCAA  Recruiting Calendar

Men's  - April 10-12 Evaluation Period for certified events,  April 17-22 Recruiting period,  April 24-26  Evaluation Period for certified events, July 8-12  Evaluation Period-
REMEMBER-  "Live streaming" permits the evaluation of players by D-1, D-2, and D-3 coaches within NCAA rules at all Big 60 Showcases.  We offer you the best opportunity to be recruited!

Congratulations to Zach Kopp, 6'4 (2016) from Watertown, Connecticut - the first player to sign up for the Spring Showcase

Next Showcases: Spring 2015
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Summer Basketball Camp
at Alvernia University

PA/MD   Basketball Camp, July 26-30, 2015

Who are the outstanding
players in a showcase?

At the Nov 9 "Cream of the Crop" one point of emphasis for evaluation was passing  Some players need to improve their passing skills, some players need to acquire a better  knack for passing.  Some see the court well and can deliver passes that both promote teamwork and lead to scoring for their team.  Some players can bring the crowd to their feet with a sharply crafted pass." It's the little details that are vital.   Little things make big things happen!"
Good passing skills
#43-good quick passer
#45- finds open man when in trouble
#48-good lead passes
#49-good passer in traffic
#52-bounce passer, sees the floor
#61- good floor leader, crisp passes
#64-good team passer, great bounce pass work
#70-outstanding lead passes on break
#71-team passer, good locating the block
#74-strong passer
#75-good fundamentals, finds the open man
#83-very unselfish, good timing on passes
#86-sees floor well, team player
#90-unselfish, good touch on passes
#94-sees both sides of  the floor, great touch on passes
#307-great outlet passer, sees the floor
#308-unselfish, looks to pass to open spot
#335-good court awareness, finds the open man
Needs to improve passing skills
#53- needs to look for the open man
#56- needs to look for open man
#66-average passing skills
#92-too much dribble, needs to give it up
#97-doesnt read the defense
#303-does not read the passing lanes
#310-good court awareness, but needs to look more
#317-needs to look for open man, keep head up
#320-needs to see floor better, too much dribble
#336- hustles, but does not look for open man

Co-MVP in Big 60 Game 8
#96   Jarrell Jones
 Martinsburg WV (2016)

Co-MVP in Big 60 Game 4
#73   Daquan Smith
Newark (DE) 2015