Prystal Scouting Service
  Nov 9,  2014  
Girl's Outstanding
at Spooky Nook

Tom Prystal
P. O.  Box  843
Auburn, NY   13021


(Photo: Chris "Handles" Franklin, Harlem Globetrotters
and Tom Prystal, Prystal Scouting Service)

Outstanding by Overall Performance

Katelyn Parisi - Hollidaysburg...good going to the rim , shoots it well
Morgan Mitchell - Noter Dame NJ...gets to the cup anytime she wants!, can play with back to the basket
Madeline Farley - Liberty MD...gets to the rim with both hands, very good in the post
Madison Detweiler - of the most versatile players at the event, scores inside and out, shares the ball
Raine Gardner - Hilton NY...finishes well, distributes in transition
Kamari Eason - Oxon Hill MD...plays inside and out, handles it
Rebecca Painter - Owen J. Roberts...shooter, finishes in close, nice all around player
Jean Sheared - Mastery North...nice floor general and game manager, shoots the 3!
Aigner Bookard - K12 International Academy...very athletic while getting to the rim, high bball IQ
Julia Strothers - Hempfield...the local AAAA product was my top 3 point threat at the event
Olivia Matto - Manheim Twp...rangy, athletic,gets to the basket, draws contact well
Lindsay Embly - Chambersburg... a very strong low block presence, owned the paint!
Savanna Robinson - James E. Coughlin...fearless getting to the rim, athletic, great in open court
Samirah Henderson - Rahway NJ...can go coast to coast and shoots the 3 real well
Emma Saxton - Central York...great all around player, knows how to get to rim off the bounce
Christine Ribaudo - Toms River North NJ...solid point guard and shoots the 3, a nice combination at the next level
Christine Rossi - in open court, finishes
Juliet Quirindongo - Deer Park NY...shoots the 3, scores off dribble and back door cut
Bridget McLaughlin - Delaware Military Academy...shoots the 3 ball, nice offensive player
Cailin O'Hara - CB West...good finisher, always around the ball
Morgan Phillips - Northern Lebanon...versatile player, advanced skills, great in open court
Amanda Hart - Red Bank Catholic...smooth shooter, nice offensive skill set
Marina Scipioni - Bishop Guilfoyle...shoots a tear drop off the drive, great perimeter shooter
Taylor Knorr - Twin Valley...will get to the rim, wonderful mid range game
Taylor Bossert - ELCO...quick release on the 3, gets to the rim, sees the floor
Bryce Papp - Mifflin County...gets to the rim, shoots outside and floater inside
Mercedes Rideout - Chambersburg...shooter, knows the game, sees the floor
Lindsay Mack -Seacaucas NJ... one of my top shooters from 3, finishes at the tin



In November 2011, after a thorough search, an old Armstrong World Industries distribution center in Manheim, Pennsylvania was purchased and the dream was launched.  
 The Spooky Nook group knew the building (which sits on 65 acres) was big, but they didn’t realize quite how big. As they researched their plans, they discovered that it would be nearly twice the size of the next biggest sports complex facility in the country. In fact, they are not aware of any indoor sports complex quite this big anywhere else in the world! 

And, on November 9th, those attending the Big 60 Basketball Showcase got a taste of the size and splendor.  The next Nook project is a hotel and restaurant coming soon!!

Who are the outstanding players in a showcase?
What do coaches like from players?
Outstanding by Category

Assists and Passing
Coaches like players who distribute the ball and who include their teammates-on Nov 9 coaches liked
#15 Aigner Bookard – K12 Int Academy 2015
 #2 Taylor Bossert – ELCO 2018
#1 Morgan Siani-Mitchell – Notre Dame NJ 2015
#31 Janya Henderson – Rahway NJ 2016

Good solid defender
Coaches like players who provide the defensive effort and tenacity that contributes to the success of the team-on  Nov 9 coaches  liked
#4 Christine Ribaudo – Toms River NJ 2015
#14 Christine Rossi – Tunkhannock 2016
#29  Bridget McLaughlin - Delaware Military  2016   
#9 Maya Kornfeld – Wyoming Seminary Prep 2017
#16 Kamari Eason – Oxon Hill MD 2016
#18 Rebecca Painter – Owen J. Roberts 2015
#133 Madison Detweiler – Williamsburg 2015

Dictate the action
Coaches like drives that  attack the defense and open opportunities for teammates-on Nov 9 coaches liked
##1 Morgan Siani-Mitchell – Notre Dame NJ 2015
#9 Maya Kornfeld – Wyoming Seminary Prep 2017
#15 Aigner Bookard – K12 Int Academy 2015
#14 Christine Rossi – Tunkhannock 2016


Madison Detweiler
Aigner Bookard at HOOPS
 Wilhelm Sports Photos
Maya Kornfeld drives
Morgan Siani-Mitchell, Game MVP
FBC Defenders AAU Website
Taylor Bossert (left)
Lebanon Daily News

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