Prystal Scouting Service
 Fall 2009, Middletown, PA
Penn State Harrisburg University
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Tom Prystal
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GAMES AT THE SHOOTOUT  video taped every player during their three games before scouts and coaches--If your would like to purchase a game dvd, contact ed o'brien for more details at -find info  HERE  is the official videographer of the PA/MD Shootout

oys  Results

The top twenty-five:



#152  Robert Beldo    Whitehall
#211, Elijah Cooper, Northeastern
#160,   Jeremy Johnson   Martinburg (WV)
#2  Brian Taylor  Harrisburg High School
#215, Derek Johnson, Westampton (NJ)
#117, Mikel Orr, Cherry Hill (NJ)
#161, Nathaniel Lorence, Holy Ghost Prep
#129, Medrick Green, Harry S. Truman
#135, Tyree Winfield, DuPont (DE)
#169, Derrick Miller, Poolsville (MD)
#170  James McLane   Queen of Peace (NJ)
#141  Michael Williams   Athens,
#58  Javon Settles    Forest Park (VA)
#155 Tamar Jones  Harrisburg
#222, Peter Fisher, Carlisle Christian  Academy
#91  Trey Campbell-  Schroeder (NY)
#192, Michael Warren, Harrisburg
#72, Peter Yingst, Hanover Public
#137, Aaron Dinterman, Smithburg (MD)
#217, Haisheen McIntyre, Harrisburg
#157, Jared Suderley, West Canada Valley (NY)
#138, Dylan Gravett, Rocky Grove
#139-  Naamon Johnson   Middletown (DE)
#109-  Kenny Gula-   Quakertown
#106  Shakir Evans   CBA  (NY)


s  Results

The Top 25:

#41, Jaylene Taylor, Massillion (OH)
#63, Danielle Garroutte, Northwest (MD)
#8, Lauren Riggleman, Susquehannock
#9, Carlee Smith, Windham (CT)
#46, Bianca Parker, Del Castle, (DE)
#21, Jenna Parson, Shippensburg
#31, Kaylann Waters, New Castle
#37, Siah Davis, Longwood (NY)
#22, Steph Pisacano, Mattituck (NY)
#29, Nicole Woods, RVRHS (NJ)
#3, Stephanie Perez, CD East
#18, Agatha Drozd, PMEHS
#49, Shawn Barczynski, Governor Mifflin
#38, Malikaro Abdusalaam, Thomas McKean (DE)
#14, Nadie Maier, Massillion (OH)
#27, Abbey Noble, North Schuylkill
#57, Jenna Kocsis, Allentown Central Catholic
#39, Brianne Benton, Owen J. Roberts
#219, Meghan Stambaugh, Mussleman (WV)
#36, Brittany Meitzler, Kutztown
#42, Samira Strand, Upper Dublin
#13, Miranda Zennchock, Cambria Heights
#7, Tianno Cuttino, Middletown (DE)
#25, Remi Gerwitz, Lower Moreland
#53, Courtney Zitt, Latrobe


Scouting Capsules
Derrick Miller
Poolsville (MD)
"a 6'5" Sophomore and weighing 190, he was a very physical player who had a nice  jump shot."


Scouting Capsules
Jenna Kocsis
Allentown Central Catholic
"a 5'11" Sophomore she does volunteer work at the Lehigh Valley Hospital for the flu campaign and is ranked third in her class."

Scouting Capsules
Brian Taylor
"a 6'7" Senior who has been identified as a legitimate Divison One prospect. He can run the court well and finishes strong inside."

The boy's  Honorable Mention:  



#176  Sam Marrella-  Wilson HS
#136  Brandon Bjerre  Hammond (MD)
#155 Tamar Jones  Harrisburg
#55   Elliot Boyce   Syracuse Cicero (NY)
#210   Kyle Cooper   Northeastern
#126   Devon Risko   Middletown
#102-  Joshua Williams    Harry S. Truman
#126   Devon Risko   Middletown
#102-  Joshua Williams    Harry S. Truman
#104   Marcus Benson-  Chichester
#158   Stuart Custer    Penn Cambria
#108  Robert Gomulka   Bishop Ahr (NJ) 
#90  William Brown   Penn Wood
#105  Kyle Bowman Collingswood (NJ)
#86  Jesse Thomas    Lebanon
#168  Mark McCord   Carbondale
#133  Gregory Stepanyan    East Pennsboro
#101   Charles Thomas   Warren
#124   Nicholas Koletar    South Williamsport
#83  Tim Massado  St. Elizabeth (DE)


The girl's
 Honorable Mention:


#34, Cassie Lamar-Marshall, Word of Life (VA)
#20, Victoria Mazzeo, Neshaminy
#15, Jessica Brooks, Connellsville
#5, Yevette Gilliom, Garfield (VA)
#32, Brianna Jones, Wappingers Falls (NY)
#11, Cecilia Siegel, Perry (OH)
#33, Courtney Knight, Sherwood (MD)
#24, Courtney DeBridge, Hemfield
#47, Lauren Walker, Boyertown
#54, Megan Witherow, Dubois Central Catholic
#52, Aunjel VanBrakle, Shippensburg
#30, Samantha Cox, Stroudsburg
#55, Julia Duggan, Ocean City (NJ)
#205, Kelsey Ryan, Neshaminy

Scouting Capsules
Meghan Stambaugh
Musselman, West Virginia
"a 5'10" Senior selected to  the Top 25, she displayed a nice jump shot and better yet good shot selection."

Scouting Capsules
Yevette Gilliom
Garfield (VA)
"a 5'4"" Senior who displayed all around skills at the Shootout, she rebounded, she hit the long jumper, and she made the steal."


Scouting Capsules
Tim Massado
St. Elizabeth (DE)
"a 5'10" Sophomore who displayed very good ball handling skills on offense and  at one point recorded 4 steals in 10 minutes of playing time when on defense. "


"Teamwork crosses two states."  Laura Riggleman (#8)  from Susquehannock H. S. in Pennsylvania and Carlee Smith from Windam H. S. in Williamantic, Connecticut "provided a nice two player combination for team #18 at the Shootout and both were selected to my Top 25."

Shootout Legends
Chris Franklin, Susquehanna Twp.
(1991)-attended our shootouts as one of our scouting evaluators on two occasions.  This past season he appeared in the NBA celebrity All-Star Game as a representative from the world famous Harlem Globetrotters where he is known as "Mr. Handles."  He played for Shootout Director Bill Gaffey in high school.  The photo  (Fall 2005 Shootout) shows "Mr. Handles" scouting.

Shootout Legends
Gerry McNamara, Bishop Hannan (2001)-attended our shootout in his sophomore and his senior years in high school.  Parents and players who attend out shootout often ask, "How many college coaches will be there?"  Well, 52 schools came in 2001 to see McNamara.  Following his senior season, McNamara was named the 2002  Gatorade Player of the Year and went on to a great Syracuse University career.  His photos and jerseys are still on display at Stirna's Restaurant from his playing days in Scranton and his career has become one of legend.


  Shootout Legends
Brooke Mueller, Whitehall (2006) was named to the Spring 2005 and the Fall 2005 Prystal Report Teams and in 2009 she was named the Centennial Conference  Player of the Week as she led Dickinson College into the playoffs.  In fact this 2006 Whitehall High School graduate was recommended by the Prystal Report that year to Division One schools that  included  Syracuse University. .At Dickinson, she averaged 16.5 as a junior.
(Photo credit: Dickinson College)

Photo credits:
Paul Fogle

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Cecilia Seigel
Perry High School

Madison, Ohio

The 5'6" senior and her family attended her second straight Shootout.  They made the trip across the Pennsylvania Turnpike in both April and October of 2009.  We wish Celilia and the Perry Pirates "Good Luck" for the upcoming 2009-2010 season.


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