East Coast Index for Oct 25

Hailey Bachtell - super 3pt shooter, good all around team player
Kiera Baughman - quick, tough, shifty, exceptional moves
Bridget Bonjo - strong rebounder, tough under the boards, drives well to the hoop
Kendall Bossler - nice shot good penetrator
Makayla Brown-Paul - lots of hustle, good "D"
Trinity Brittingham - good 3pt shot, gets good position
Hunter Chambers - goes well to the hoop & boards, good rebounder
Senay Clark - quick 1st step, smooth, athletic
Brianna Clemens - nice moves to the hoop, excellent passer
Rukiya Davis - hustles, quick moves, can shoot the 3
Christiana Deo - tough off the boards, good outlet passer
Mackenzie DeWees - great passer, sees the court well, fantastic penetrator, gets steals, tough "D" has all the tools
Marlee Dzergoski - hustles all over the court, tough "D"
Kamari Eason - strong penetrator, good moves
Chelsea Erkes - nice 3pt shooter, solid defender
Skylynn Faust - good all around player, strength is her rebounding
Shelby Funchess - shot blocker, strong off the boards
Hannah Hempfield - good all around team player; hits the open man
Elizabeth Hoffman - strong moves to the hoop, excellent spin moves
Kaylan Jackson - nice moves, good 3pt shooter, tremendous hustle
Sydney Jones - good,consistent, fundamentally sound team player
Cedeja James - nice shooter, good hustle
Taylor Knorr - great "D", passer, unselfish
Ashlyn Lennon - excellent passer, team player
Linnaca Leister - sees the court well, team player
Amaja Mack - fundamentally very good, quick to the hoop, finishes well
Johnice Middleton - scores in transition, sees the floor well
Corryn Monaco - good ball control, looks for the open man
Amasha Moyd - good passer, quick hands, tough "D"
Jillian Novak - outstanding player, rules the court
Bailey Patrick - good outside shooter, team player
Emma Powell - tough rebounder, excellent at getting good position
Morgan Ress - good passer, plays excellent "D"
Anessa Rippie - outstanding penetrator, tough on "D"
Angelika Rodriguez - excellent pt guard, quick, nice team player
Kayla Rodriguez - sees the court well, hits the open man
Madison Rosato - nice team player, passes well
Madison Shetrom - good all around player, tenacious defense, very aggressive, hustles every second
Kimberly Talley - takes good shots, plays tough "D", team player
Kayounor Wulah - excellent passer, penetrates well to the hoop

These players are encouraged to participate in the November 8 Cream of the Crop- their performance today warrants that participation.  Fill out an application and make your payment if you want to take part in this event.

 In any case, good luck this season!!


MVP Game 3, Court 2
#25 Mackenzie DeWees Manchester Valley MD
Interviewed by Rick Hornburg, Gametimepa TV

MVP Game 4, Court 1
#64 Kamari Eason, Oxon Hill (MD)
Interviewed by Jeff Thompson, Gametimepa TV


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