you + Big 60 = college basketball


We get a lot of these messages:
My son plays at his high school,  but is not being recruited as of yet.  What advice can you give us?


This used to be a problem for a lot of parents and their sons and daughters,
but now we actually have a plan that can help players and their parents, and this plan has proven that it works!               


On Nov 6, 2016,  1,117 college coaches watched!!


1-sign up for one or two of our exposure events

2-google the names of the colleges you think he/she could or would like to play -          two or  twenty, there is no limit -get the email address of the coach

3-email them each and tell them which Big 60 Exposure Showcase  he/she is playing in -- -tell them that you will email them two days before the event and give them the vital information.

We will post all of this information two days before the shootout on our website –


1-the team number he/she will play on

2-the jersey number he/she will wear at the event

3-the schedule for the day's game (then they know when the games are)

4-the link to go to for the live streaming that will carry the games across the USA


the players will play in three games,- all three live streamed, all three placed on YOUtube

-the live streamed games will have play by play announcers, color analysts- just like regular TV games


It’s worked great for everyone since we started live streaming- coaches can check you out by just opening up their laptops and I-phones. We have run shootouts for 18 years,  but we  just acquired the ability to live steam three years ago- this will be our fourth year of  live streaming,


-you can’t find a better way to showcase  the talents of any player and know that college coaches are watching.


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