Use this rubric:  Compare the Big 60  Showcases with other showcases
Other Showcases
The Big 60
One Day event

No drills, you play in three games
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
College Coach Exposure

over 400 college coaches
watch each showcase
Which level coaches watch

D-3, D-2 and even D-1 can watch.
 Can other events get D-1 looks?
Cost to college coaches

All  player information and a link to watch the games are
to all coaches
"Live streaming"  nationwide

we “live stream” all three
 with play by play announcers
Post game recognition

Each game MVP is interviewed live on the internet after each game
video after the event available

all three games are placed
 on YOUtube for FREE
Scouting reports posted online

We publish two scouting reports on our website a week after the showcase
Cost for the Showcase

They might run good
events each year!
We run  better events each year!