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The Shenango Valley is lined with gold, state championship gold medals that is!  How many state championships have come out of the Shenango Valley?    HERE

Who were the best players to come out of the Shenango Valley? Nominations are now being taken HERE

Transfer High School (Mercer County) closed in 1946-
the junior class  then graduated from Hickory High School with only 11 total students.  Find the story about the Transfer basketball facility HERE

He was known as a master craftsman
at his profession!       
He won more state
championships than any other coach in Pennsylvania basketball history.  Can you name him?  Find his coaching record and others

District Ten's All Time Leading Scorer.   He played from 1979 to 1983 and scored 2,884 points to stand today as the highest scorer in the history of District 10 basketball. Find him in  the Pennsylvania 2,000 Point Club    HERE

The Pennsylvania Leader Board  During the 2006-2007 season, he had 48 points, 19 rebounds and 18 for 22 from the foul line this year in an 84-80 loss to Beaver Falls. His accomplishment joins others on the Pennsylvania  Leader Board   HERE

The Mercer "Mustangs" have their own website, during the 1965-66 season they scored 131 points vs Laurel, more info and records found  HERE

Examining Pennsylvania's Basketball Districts.  Do you know which schools are in District 10.  Find them  HERE

Who is your favorite sportswriter from the past?  You can  vote  for a Sharon Herald writer from the past on our Sportswriters Poll found HERE


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