Summer Scoreboard

Every Friday in St. Mary's PA
The Friday Nite PIzza Tournament, a 3 on 3 basketball event now in its  45th year.
  There is no entry fee, three man teams, bring anyone for your team mates, your dad, your neighbor, your friends or LeBron James-
 the next pizza tournament will be held every Friday at Memorial Park  7:00 PM with registration beginning at 6:30.

Memorial Park
Wofel Avenue
St. Mary, PA  15857

(Information credit: Nate Steis)

Winners the first week: Jon Haenel, Jake Sutton,Tim Atkinson, and Zach Reigel
(Note: teams can carry four players on their roster if they want a sub)


Cedar Beach Basketball Showcase.June 22-25-  "the Bash at the Beach"
Glen Klein
the Cedar Beach showcase will feature high school-aged girls and boys brackets along with a youth-age group tourney in Allentown (PA).
More information on the June tournament can be found at

High school coaches are asked to call Klein at 610-533-2168 if they want to enter the tournament.
Service Electric has agreed to become a broadcast partner in the event.


Sportsfest Allentown (PA) July 13-16.
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