Top Berks County Underclassmen
Jaden Green Antietam 2020  
Anthony Figueroa Antietam 2018  
Bryce Calloway Berks Catholic 2019  
Luis Garcia Berks Catholic 2019  
Casey Jack Berks Catholic 2019  
Keba Mitchell Berks Catholic 2018  
Isaiah Egziabheer Berks Christian 2019  
Julius  Jordan Berks Christian 2018  
Tate Moll Berks Christian 2018  
Dayton Boston-Williams Berks Christian 2018  
Jerry Kapp Boyertown 2018  
Drew Milleer Brandywine Heights 2018  
Noah Hermany Brandywine Heights 2019  
John Harrison Brandywine Heights 2020  
Alex Druckenmiller Conrad Weiser 2018  
Alex MacKenzie Conrad Weiser 2019  
Nathan Dobb Conrad Weiser 2018  
Chaunce Johnson Daniel Boone 2019  
Alex Javier Exeter   2020  
Riley  Dobraniecki Exeter   2018  
Joshua Wonderly Fleetwood 2018  
Tyler Chavoya Fleetwood 2019  
Kasey Klahr Governor Mifflin 2018  
Ben Walmer Governor Mifflin 2018  
Jerion Colon Governor Mifflin 2018  
Samus Barter Hamburg 2020  
Zach Kauffman High Point Baptist 2018  
Chad Evans High Point Baptist 2018  
Braydn Eck Kutztown 2018  
Lorencz Jean-Baptiste Kutztown 2019  
Dane Fegley Kutztown 2019  
Nick Repko Oley Valley 2019  
Conner Gollwitzer Oley Valley 2018  
Ryan Moyer Oley Valley 2018  
Wesley Butler Reading 2019  
Hector Dixon Reading 2018  
Daniel Colter Reading 2019  
R. J Dixon Reading 2018  
Malachi Kauffman Schuylkill Valley 2020  
Tyler Worrell Schuylkill Valley 2018  
Angel Matias Tulpehocken 2018  
Coty Emerich Tulpehocken 2018  
Jeremy Deihm Twin Valley 2018  
Aidan Kaplan Twin Valley 2020  
Sean McAndrew Wilson 2018  
Grayson Kiline Wilson 2018  
Dominic Wise Wyomissing 2018  
Max Hurleman Wyomissing 2020  


The “Best of Berks”

College coaches have asked us to identify top underclassmen
with the potential to play college basketball. 
We have received recommendations for the best returning players from Berks County.. 
These players were recommended!

This list was compiled from input by:

--some high school coaches in Berks County
--Mike Drago from the Reading Eagle researchers
--Big 60 scouts

If we missed anyone,
please send the information to

Fill out the application and mail it with your fee to reserve your spot

Spring Elite Spotlight I- 
May 21, Lancaster Bible College  application
Horst Athletic Center, 901 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
Spring Elite Spotlight II-
June 18,  Lancaster Bible College  application
Horst Athletic Center, 901 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601