Class 2011
A. I. DuPont


See his video performance at the 2009 Fall Shootout:

Height:   6'3
Weight:  165


Favorite food:  Mega Fries from Pat’s Pizza


Favorite college team:   University of Texas

Favorite NBA player:   Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose

The Prystal Scouting Report says:
"I think the youtube video gives a nice look at his court skills we have seen the past few years at the Shootout!"


Left-Handed who can utilize both hands

Started & Led Freshman Team in Blocks and Rebounds for 2007-2008 season

Started & Led JV Team in Blocks and Rebounds for 2008-2009 season  

Basketball History:

Attended Val Whiting Basketball Skills Camp Fall 2006

Played AAU for Delaware/Pennsylvania Red Hawks (Starter) 2008

Led in Rebounds and Blocks for AAU Red Hawks

Attended Eastern Invitational Basketball Camp 2008

Participated in Hoop Groups Top 100 Shootout Spring 2009

Participated in Keystone Basketball Shootout Spring 2009

Attended Hoop Group Basketball Camp 2009

Attended AJ English Basketball Camp 2009

Participated in Hoop Groups Top 100 Shootout Fall 2009

Played AAU for Delaware’s Team Crossover Elite (Starter) 2009

Plays AAU for Team Helping Hands 2009 – 2010 Season



Most Block Shots & Rebounds Certificate Freshman year

Awarded “Mr. Hustle” Freshman Year

Most Block Shots & Rebounds Award Sophomore year

PA/MD Larry Hennessey top 40 select, Fall of 2008

PA/MD Larry Hennessey top 5 rebounders, Fall of 2008

PA/MD East Coast Index “Top Underclassmen to Watch” List, Fall of 2008

PA/MD East Coast Index Top 30 Boys Select, Fall of 2009

PA/MD National Collegiate Combine Top 33 Boys Select, Fall of 2009

PA/MD Prystal Scouting Service Top 25 Boys Select, Fall of 2009


A.I. DuPont, DE

Home Address:
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